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User Image handmimes Posted: Nov 20, 2017 2:26 AM (UTC)
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Do you do Improv shows at bars? I do Improv shows at bars.
User Image ladyzemusic Posted: Nov 20, 2017 1:16 AM (UTC)
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Really special song for me. An apology to my parents in the event I end up not being as successful as we're all hoping I will be
Because I really want y'all to know what I'm saying with this one here are the lyrics (for this clip)

Broken hopes and dreams all because of me
I planned to pay u back in all the gifts I know u wanted but u chose to take care of ur kids
Wanted to build a mansion for u
Buy u things u never could afford and do it big

U can hear the rest if u click the link in my bio 😁

#singer #songwriter #lyrics #original #music #performace #3dollarrapshow #naijagirl
User Image andersnils Posted: Nov 20, 2017 1:06 AM (UTC)
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Come hang, free show
User Image ladyzemusic Posted: Nov 20, 2017 1:05 AM (UTC)
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Soooo it's about time I posted videos from the #3dollarrapshow
This here is a snippet of "A Cautionary Tale" off my EP "Regretfully Yours" (link in bio)

#butimnotarapper #music #singer #songwriter #beatmaker #original #performance
User Image malaphormusic Posted: Nov 18, 2017 11:01 PM (UTC)
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Philly grunge rockers Resilient playing the first stop on their tour with math-rock sibling band Burned Out Still Glowing. Good luck on the tour y'all!
User Image merrittevelyn Posted: Nov 18, 2017 8:41 PM (UTC)
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TONIGHT we’re breakin’ out the Holy Spirit(s) and gettin’ ready to parrrttaayyy... and KICK SOME ASS! 🙏🏻 Come see yo girls thrown down IN BROOKLYN! It’s FREE! #XSW #xtremelyseriouswrestling #brooklyn #latenight #badhabits #arehardtobreak #sistermarymary #sistermaryjane #comedy #wrestling #muchmores #tagteam #madness #sinnersandsaints #shakespeareandgaga
User Image malaphormusic Posted: Nov 18, 2017 5:02 PM (UTC)
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Brooklyn-based acid folk artist and DIY mainstay Quire immersing us in lush modal soundscapes. His debut EP is currently in production. It's going to be transcendent so keep an eye out. @quireband

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