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Singapore Indoor Stadium

Had a blast and awesome time at #TaylorSwift #The1989WorldTour concert, she was amazing. I am blessed to attend her concert for two years in a row and saw her as close as possible. @taylorswift is behind me in this picture but unfortunately, the lighting prevented us (I was with @jh_is_roderick ) from having a clearer picture.

But she was so close to me, hence my favorite photo of mine from the night.

The Polish ninja has done it. An enthralling three-set victory over Petra Kvitova for Agnieszka Radwanska, who claims the 2015 #WTAFinals trophy - the first major title of her 10.5-year career. #Aga #underdog #Polska #ninja #Poland
Reach just intime to smell shit... Fuck!!!! Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. Really think it's time to change job

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