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Wentworth Building Food Court

Acai bowl $7.45 II ACAI ON CAMPUS?! I'm in heaven 😍 it's actually pretty good and a large serving so totally worth the money. I'm so happy someone told me about this (,:
HAPPENING NOW $9 rice box with beef rendang and egg balado!
Don't forget to stop by Wentworth Building foodcourt today to grab your lunch! $9 to satisfy your indo food cravings 🍛🍴 we are also selling our PPIA hoodies today ☃
Hope to see you there! 😜
Set inside the chaos of Wentworth building food hall , Raw is the number one place on campus to grab a fresh juice or delicious smoothie or frappe. Open daily from 8am #rawusyd #juice #smoothies #frappes #usyd #qbsmoothies #usydeats #usydfood @qbsmoothies @usuaccess @
Accidental "is my lipstick all over my entire face after eating" pic. Enjoy.
usydfood 104w ago
Chicken mayo wrap at least $6 II drowning in Mayo and soggy as hell, it's fair to say this didn't go down too well
usydfood 105w ago
Fresh juice $6 from Raw: YESSS this is so good !!! Many options to pick and choose from too (I had watermelon, apple, pineapple and mint)
evapan 128w ago
Ahhh first time to bring lunch box in this semester... And it's not even my cooking... #懒 妈咪买噶鸡啼lunchbag仲系第一次用.真系好衬我d鸡啼密实盒~~~😊

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