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I must say, there is no party like a Pakistani Wedding. The culture, food, tradition, & all of the beautiful colors- an evening we won't ever forget. Thank you for inviting us to perform, Nazli🙏🏽💖🔥🌸

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Congratulations to my cousin Danish on his beautiful marriage to the love of his life Saliha.
The people you see on stage surrounding the couple are my closest family, brothers and sisters.
Our fathers came to this country with absolutely nothing in the hopes of being able to provide a better life for us all. They instilled certain ethics, culture and values into all of us which I believe is the reason we have made it this far.

Danish exemplified every single one of these values tenfold. He paved the way for our group in terms of education, fashion, culture, and business. He was always one step ahead of the game and I will continue to look up to him as I have my entire life. Thank you for always inspiring me to do more.

I wish you and Sally nothing but the best this life has to offer.
May God protect your love, marriage , and refrigerator from the exotic Sally items like Lamb Placenta.

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Sometimes I get so stuck in my little weightlifting/CrossFit bubble that I forget what it is like to be an outsider and a newbie. As much as I try to put myself in their shoes, i simply can't because, well, I am not a newbie anymore and I forget that feeling. That feeling of not knowing what you are doing, being afraid of people watching you and thinking "what the hell is that person doing", not "looking the part" and not wanting to feel stupid. Well about a month ago @gp2236 took me on a little golf trip, and no, I have never played golf before. 🙈 And yes, I was nervous, and afraid of what people were gonna think and afraid of not doing well and afraid of feeling stupid. 😑 And I almost quit and cried the second day due to all of the above. Long story short, I made it through the trip and actually enjoyed playing and wanted to take lessons when I got back home so i can really start to learn the game. Left is 1st lesson working on baby swings, right is 2nd lesson moving up to full swings. One cool thing my instructor said is that "You can't mess up. Every swing is a learning process and YOU CAN ONLY START FROM WHERE YOU ARE!" He said don't be afraid to mess up because this is you learning and this is what will keep you coming back to keep learning. And my biggest fear was looking stupid! wtf? who cares! This was a good dose of my own medicine to what I tell my athletes when I am coaching them more complicated movements, and it was really fun to be a student again. Bottom line is, if you want to try something new, whether it be weightlifting or golf or whatever, don't let the reasons mentioned above stop you, especially don't let what other people have to say stop you. We are our own worst enemies sometimes and we will stop ourselves from progressing! Do it for yourself and because it will make you more awesome. And if anyone has shit to say, fuck it, you don't want to lift or play golf with those kind of people anyway. Get out there and have fun. What have you guys tried that is new recently? Post below! @cassanderrr1218 @stine413 @cdemiro211 @rebeccastuehler @kristy_link #learningnewthings #golf #golfschool #fearless #linktakesover

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