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The Wooly

User Image jennsoloart Posted: Nov 21, 2017 2:32 AM (UTC)
2 Amaro
From buying tickets to @beachboys concerts for 🎁 my mom to working a job where I can bring my My mom to meet @mikeloveofficial. Love my life. #beachboys
User Image ratethepotato Posted: Nov 18, 2017 8:11 PM (UTC)
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who doesn’t love a good backstory?? 🤗🤗 OK SO I came into this place with 0 intention of ordering anything but a drink for an arvo pit stop. I ordered a drink. BUT THEN all these burgers and sandwiches were coming out for other customers WITH THESE FRIES and ooooh they just looked too crispy and exciting and legit I ordered a plate!!! talk about food envy!!! “kensington ketchup” was included (pictured top-middle) BUT there were a variety of extra dips up for order that were chilli aioli, sir kensington mayo, curry ketchup, secret sauce and house ranch which the server told me was v popular and I went for (pictured bottom middle-right). 🍟🥤 anyway i was expecting little crunchy bites of YUM but they were cold and limp 😭😭😭 (one of the worst combinations of anything!!). I powered on, they tasted good and HAD SO MUCH POTENTIAL if they were made fresh to order. however the ranch was a fab experience but nothing “kensington” about the ketchup, whatever that means. however it was a restaurant dedicated to the woolly mammoth with lots of drawings in different styles of the woolly mammoth cu-uuute. 4.5/10 (also thoughts on having to tip for an $8 plate of fries and $4 drink??? sigh) 🤘💃😱 #chipbloggers #nyceats #chipblogger #fries #food #yum
User Image idaottossn Posted: Nov 17, 2017 2:13 AM (UTC)
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En blaskig kaffe och en Irish coffe-special... Men det va varmt i alla fall ☕️

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