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User Image blenderspace Posted: Feb 21, 2018 10:00 PM (UTC)
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This is the power duo behind @jonsarstudios- Robert Johnson and Kat Sarkissian. They went from street shooting for @nydailynews to shooting top models and fashion designers at all the best shows! Get to know this quirky couple in our interview- link in bio (P.S Blender members will be treated to a private photoshoot this upcoming Tuesday 2/27 & guess who's shooting it?!?! Props will be available & provided by Let's get weird!)
Do What You Love NYC presented a salon at Blender Workspace with fashion iconoclast Nick Graham. Nick attempted to put a bow tie on Statue of Liberty, had a Mars themed fashion show w legend Buzz Aldrin, has a new side gig being a rock star, printed 100 dollar bills on underwear that was confiscated by the US Treasury. Luck favors bold people! Be great, don't fear failure and be audacious!
User Image larrydvoskin Posted: Feb 21, 2018 2:56 PM (UTC)
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Audacity was the theme of the first Do What You Love salon 2018. Fashion icon Nick Graham embodies it in spades. From trying to fly a large bow tie in front of the Statue Of Liberty to having Apollo's Buzz Aldrin walk the runway for a fashion show on Mars- those who succeed in life feel the fear and 'do it anyway.' Mr. Graham has done what he loves his whole life and shared his stories to inspire others!! #nickgraham, #mensfashion, #buzzaldrin, #larrydvoskin, #dowhatyoulove, #blenderworkspace, #audacity, #dowhatyoulovecommunity, #dowhatyoulovemedia, #fashionweek, #joeboxer
“Marketing is essentially creating an emotional relationship with an inanimate object” @itsnickgraham talking all things future of fashion @blenderspace tonight! #nickgraham #joeboxer #events #nyc #fashiondiscussion #nyfashionweek
Decoding Wellness | Tomorrow’s the day! Can’t wait to see y’all - no cookie cutter advice (ever), instead #realtalk on how to decode wellness for yourself #Repost @blenderspace (@get_repost)
WEDNESDAY 2/21 6-8:30PM- Jasmin Rahim, founder of @movingnutrition, will be giving us some tips & techniques on how to handle stress at work while maintaining mental & physical wellbeing. RSVP NOW- link in bio
WEDNESDAY 2/21 6-8:30PM- Jasmin Rahim, founder of @movingnutrition, will be giving us some tips & techniques on how to handle stress at work while maintaining mental & physical wellbeing. RSVP NOW- link in bio
User Image movingnutrition Posted: Feb 16, 2018 9:26 PM (UTC)
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Cookie Cutter | It’s #tgif, and you’re trying to wrap up everything and more before the long weekend. Maybe you’re feeling a bit low, but need to push through another round of emails and meetings. Luckily there’s cookies and caffeine.

This is not a post on how bad cookies or caffeine are for you. In fact, I have an intolerance - not to Oreos - but to dogmas and cookie cutter advice. Instead, I believe in a mindful evaluation. Whether it’s sugar or stress - it’s not so much about eradicating those for good (unless you want to sign up for a mission impossible) - but our ability to evaluate the current state of affairs, and then make decisions that are life-supportive. For this, emotional resilience is key. Why? It’s an undertrained muscle, that equips us with the ability to cope with and handle stressful situations better. If you’d like to learn more about this and how to set yourself up for success - join me next week Wed 2/21 for my Intro to Decoding Wellness Workshop. Link in profile, RSVP to save your seat. Xo #decodingwellness #nocookiecutter #emotionalresilience
We’re thrilled to announce our very first CLEAN BEAUTY 💅🏻event with beauty blogger @michaelapodo on March 14th ! We’ll be having some of Michaela’s favorite makeup brands there and we’ll get to watch a step-by-step tutorial on a glowing everyday makeup look! 💄💋 The event will be held at @blenderspace and dinner will be salad bowls from @sweetgreen + smoothie bowls from @loco_coco ! Grab your ticket before they’re gone! Xx #wellnessmeetupnyc
Hey Guys!!! Join us next Tuesday 2/20 (7-9pm) we will chatting with @blenderspace & @larrydvoskin on entrepreneurship, the audacity to chase your dreams and much more... RSVP with the link in bio
User Image blenderspace Posted: Feb 16, 2018 4:00 PM (UTC)
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Happy Chinese New Year! Today marks the first day of "The Year of the Dog". #Dumplings are one of the classic dishes eaten on CNYE. The more dumplings eaten, the more money one can make in the New Year. Sometimes a copper coin is put in a dumpling, and the one who eats it is supposed to become wealthy. Thankful that @gatheranddine made us some dumplings we can feast on (check her page for full recipe)!
Join us next Tuesday 2/20 (7-9pm) as we welcome renowned fashion iconoclast Nick Graham @itsnickgraham for a Blender Entrepreneur Salon. The evening’s founding curator is Larry Dvoskin @larrydvoskin. RSVP- LINK IN BIO
Learn how to handle stress in the workplace and implement proper mental & physical wellness techniques for success. Join us next Wednesday at 6pm for @movingnutrition @blenderspace Sign up for FREE on our website #nycevent #nycwellness #wellness #nutrition #nutrition #movingnutrition #blenderworkspace#coworking #coworkingevent #nycevent #rsvponly #event #privatemembership
User Image larrydvoskin Posted: Feb 15, 2018 4:21 PM (UTC)
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Fashion icon Nick Graham had a fashion show underwater in a shark tank this week. He will be our special guest speaker Tuesday February 20th at Do What You Love Media salon series at Blender Workspace. Please contact me to get on the list to join us- its FREE!
Period products are among the most requested items at homeless shelters, yet are among the least donated. We had so much fun helping them donate 10,000 products on Friday, @blenderspace and today, in honor of Galentine's Day, are so excited to help them donate 500,000 more. For every share of this image on IG or IG stories with #TamponsAreNotALuxury between now and 9am on 2/15, @LOLA will donate 100 period products to women in need through @isupportthegirls Let's stand together and use our social voices to help make a difference. #lola #isupportthegirls #galentinesday #valentinesday #periodmovement #eventpartner #nyc #sponsor
Creation Space |
When your work space looks like this, and you do work that you love, there’s no need for red roses. Also, this is where in a week from now I’ll be hosting an intro class to my Decoding Wellness series, where you can learn how to crush work you love without crushing yourself. Reserve your spot, link in profile. PS: I still do like roses. #Valentinesday #decodingwellness #sustainablesuccess #nyc

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