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Garret Mountain Reservation

It was during a train ride to Brooklyn. I was giving him attitude for something that was probably unrelated to him at all. As the cars shook from the outside turbulence our bodies were in sync with the clumsy yet fluid movement caused by the rattling. He grab my hand and looked me in my eyes and said I'm the one. My soul instantly reacted and with the greatest confirmation. It whispered to that hidden place, that was tucked away so deeply that only the one could ignite it's dormant fire. It said yes you are. In a silly cat and mouse game I rebutted, how do you know? And again with total authority like a King claiming his Queen he said I'm the one. At that moment the doors opened and we arrived at our destination... As I lay here next to my pumpkin I thank God for allowing me to go through everything I've went through to get to this point. It wasn't easy and sometimes it hurt like a sumamabitch. I don't regret a thing or a person in my past. For it and they were all lessons and preparation that would lead me on that train ride to Brooklyn with my true Soulmate...

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