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Port Noarlunga Jetty

One of the biggest challenges of doing the beachwalks over Winter has been the storms that we've had. Going out for 10 minutes and then deciding to give it away for clearer weather is easy enough... but going for at least an hour when it's "raining sideways" while trying to get some decent photographs is all about commitment.
We had 2 cracking storms last year and for one of them I went down to the end of Port Noarlunga jetty shortly before they closed it to the public. I was amazed at how rough the seas were and how high the waves broke over the end of the jetty. I went home absolutely soaked but got some amazing shots to post on the Blue Moon pages.
As I've said many times over the past 3 years... people struggling with depression or anxiety often go through their own "storms" internally due to stresses or circumstances in their lives. None of us live a "perfect" life and as I've found out myself this year some very unexpected things can come from out of nowhere to impact the path that we wish follow in life.
As much as we get swept up in how busy life is... it's always so important to try and be kind and understanding towards others whenever we can as you never know what they may be dealing with in their own life.
Feels good to hit the water again in this heat after convincing my +1 the beauty of snorkelling #radelaide #noarlunga #snorkelling

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