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410x11 for AMRAP (75%) training max. Feeling good, keeping tight and bracing has been killer with these cardio sets. #teampanora #5thset #amrap #sqauts #275class #nhlifters #603 thanks to @rosco_p_swoletrain running mono and pushing
After a 4 week bodybuilding cycle im back into my powerlifting regiment. Speed lower went surprisingly better than I thought. Feeling energetic , refreshed and strong.
Some bamboo bench with all kinds of bands. If you have a hard time keeping your upper back tight during your bench these will light up your world.
Lower back has been bothering me with barbell deadlifts so tried out some hex bar deads to give it a break. 405x3 and 455x3 beltless, 500x3x2 and 515x3 belted.
Love coming home to the NH @one2onefitness crew🙌🏻 tried something new today thanks to the Westside Barbell Plyo Swing; idea was to get potentiated for the reactive hurdle hop jumps by performing overspeed reactive jumps on the swing (heavy band tension for accelerated eccentric) wth the goal of minimal contact time, minimal knee angle, and max distance in the swing..... only measure of effectiveness I have is in the decreased RPE from the four of us that performed the jumps. After we did some, heavy sled sprints with the goal of getting a time near the 40 yard dash, in the resisted 20 yard sprint. Ended with 2 sets of reverse hyper with the last set being for max reps. Great day for VETS and One2One ! #AlwaysHungry #neuromuscularfatigue #VETS #ForceVelocityProfile #conjugate #louiesimmons #westsidebarbell #neuromuscularfatigue #plyoswing #hurdlehops #reactivestrengthindex #tendonstiffness #exercisescience #eaststroudsburguniversity #warriorfootball2017 #warriors
This is technically the most ive ever squatted without wraps, and the least ive weighed 197. 412 bar weight plus 130 in chains which were set nice and high. 542 at top.
Huge lift session today. First time getting an all time PR since being on the mend over a year now. No video because I was in the moment but fucking a this felt nice 725lb #deadlift from 4 inch blocks #powerlifting #uncommonbreed
Nothing crazy this week. Dialing it down before i start my next 3 week wave next Monday. Main movement today was 5x3 deads from 2 inch pads. 425 bar weight with 8 chains 585ish at lockout.
Went in feeling like shit today and ended up having a halfway decent workout. 5x5 squats with buffalo bar 372lbs, 4x8 inverse leg curls, started with 2 plates as counter weight but added a 25 for the last set because murder. 3x1 minute belt holds with 840. 4x12 leg press, abs.
Not too bad of a pull after drinking my face off for a week in Aruba 685lbs. Just wish my hand would stop ripping open could have gotten more. 10lbs off my all time PR from 2" #deadlifts #powerlifting #uncommonbreed
3x3 with 500 and 4x1 with 500+80 in chains. Pendlay rows 4x6 with 315.
So THIS is what deadlifting from the floor in the 300's feels like. Ugly as all heck but I got it up. Just a couple of months ago I could barely budge this weight off the floor. It's a long way up for this long bod but the road to 400 pounds starts today!
Proud of my little man Owen for putting in some work tonight. Thanks @granitestrengthbarbell and @one2onefitness for putting in the time.

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