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❝As uncomfortable as it might be, I hope this book pushes us to talk about the commodification of women’s body parts and the media messages we send young people about the value of their exterior selves, what is considered beautiful, and the forced causing those things to shift into disgusting shapes.❞
— Dhonielle Clayton
We see envy ruin friendships, relationships, and even breed situationships that nobody belongs in. It always starts with a seed, that what someone else has isn’t deserved, that it should be yours and better yet, that you deserve more than what they have.
While I’ve been contemplating rereading The Belles by @brownbookworm (yes, it is that good that I actually want to reread it) I’ve been considering some of its themes, such how people can get comfortable insulting you or wishing you ill simply because you are rising without them. Camellia learned this lesson with one of her sisters. Everything was fine between them until one was elevated above the other. Things they once praised each other for became weapons they used to dismantle their greatness. They couldn’t be genuinely happy for each other and it led to a toxic period in their relationship. Sometimes, people can be happy for you until you are shining without them, they are only happy when they can gain from your success or if you aren’t more successful than them.
I’m here to tell you not only to read this book, but to encourage you with this: if someone decides to leave your life, let them go. Some people can be forgiven and a relationship mended, but others simply don’t want to. It is better than allowing them to shoot snarky passive aggressive attacks at you. Let 👏🏾 them 👏🏾 go 👏🏾 and let them be mad if they’re upset that you refuse to allow them to continue to disrespect them. That is on THEM, not you.
Would you rather (a) have access to every book ever written or (b) have the ability to remember every word you’ve ever read?
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