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NAMI Restaurant and Bar

User Image indulgenteats Posted: Mar 18, 2018 1:27 PM (UTC)
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No yolk, this might be my favorite bowl of food ever 🍳🙏🏽 Tender & beefy A4 wagyu steak, buttery uni, shaved black truffle, pops of ikura, shimeji & eringi mushrooms and a velvety onsen egg over seasoned rice - a must order from NAMI at @shangrilasg 🤤😩 More on my story highlights #IndulgentEatsSG
User Image marie_kou Posted: Mar 17, 2018 1:44 AM (UTC)
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My boss's farewell lunch last Thu ~ ( I didn't make up well due to busy week 😂😂but I love this green view lol ) Highly recommended 🤗authentic Japanese restaurant ~ kaiseki at 120 you can find spring on the plate 💗🥂 He is the person let me in current career ,, even my agent submitted my CV really last min ,,,he made time for me on Sat and haha I feel it was happened just last week ~ time flies away ! All the best on his new career in UK 🇬🇧 この店すごく良かった〜本格的な和食のランチが50ドルくらいから。最近忙しすぎてちゃんとメイクもお洒落もしてない@職場。だけど、すごく素敵な緑沢山のシンガポールの景色だったからのせてしまう笑
User Image hungrynyc Posted: Mar 15, 2018 4:47 PM (UTC)
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Oh god I loooove uni tempura so much. Everything fried is better and when you fry something as sexy as uni, the result is a pleasurable texture play. Crunchy batter, a crisp seaweed and a burst of creamy sweetness. What a treat! @shangrilasg
Back at one of my favourite Japanese restaurants, with one of my favourite people. Tempura, miso gindara and sushi roll eaten too quickly, no photos 😬
A trio of lush Japanese Wagyu - Saga, Miyazaki, Kumamoto A3 to A5. One more melt-in-your-mouth than the other. No teeth, no problem! The miso truffle dipping sauce was super yums, wanted to eat it all on rice! #partyinmymouth
#throwback to our lunch yesterday at Nami Restaurant and Bar at Shangri-la Hotel .
This is one of their signature dishes - Japanese Saga Wagyu Beef Sirloin, Uni, Hokkaido rice, Onsen egg, Black truffles .
Nami offers set lunches too - good value, starting from $45. .
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User Image kelwin.kwan Posted: Mar 10, 2018 2:32 PM (UTC)
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Feasting part 2 Kyushu wagyu
Snippets from the Four Hands with Chef Tsukiuda from Sushi Tsukiuda, Tokyo and our very own Chef Akiba from NAMI which happened on the 23 rd and 24 th March 2017 @shangrilasg.
Thank you @veronicaphua @kyokonakayamatv @david_yip and Stephen for joining us for the lunch.
Highlights from the specially curated menu include squid sushi topped with caviar, Hokkaido sea urchin and tuna hand-rolled sushi, boiled Chiba black abalone with abalone liver sauce and traditional Dobin-mushi with grilled Mikawa-eel.

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User Image veronicaphua Posted: Feb 28, 2018 2:40 PM (UTC)
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[ Tap for 🎵 ] H O S T E D
A very long friendship led to this meal.
NAMI Restaurant Manager Takezumi Ando and Owner-Chef Mitsuhiko Tsukiuda of Tsukiuda Sushi Bar in Tokyo go waaaaaay back (they use to work together about sixteen years ago), and a 2-day, 4-hands pop-up took place because of that connection.
Thanks to @somikban‘s kind invitation, I was fortunate enough to indulge in the collaborative omakase between Chef Tsukiuda and NAMI Head Chef Shigeo Akiba (who has in his 30-year career, prepared and served food to Japan’s royal family and worked under Iron Chef Koumei Nakamura), alongside @david_yip, Stephen and @kyokonakayamatv last Saturday.
The lunch unfolded with an appetiser of an exceptionally delicious mantis shrimp, a sea snail, octopus and wasabi plant stem with dried scallop.
We were each then served a tray on which laid a grilled cod marinated with white miso paste, a very crunchy Sakura shrimp kakiage and chawanmushi with crab meat and mochi.
The sushi followed in this order: Hamachi, Tai with Japanese lime, Shimaji with minced green onion and lime (I loved this!), Kawahagi with a rich and oily fish liver sauce, a perfectly-cooked large Ebi, Hirame, boiled Hotate with yuzu, Kanpachi, Marinated Chutoro, Ika with caviar and Tuna maki. Right about this time, a bowl of miso soup appeared and immediately after, we were each presented with an open handroll overflowing with minced Otoro and Uni.
I dare say we’re all stuffed by this point, so it was great that dessert comprised of excellent Japanese fruit and mochi. I couldn’t ask for a more lovely end to our meal.
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User Image huei_syuan_liao Posted: Feb 26, 2018 4:38 PM (UTC)
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Welcome to hold special events at Nami

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