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Treasure Island Park

a person who travels aimlessly; a traveler.
"he is a longtime seaman, a rootless wanderer" There is no one place I call home. I am home when I am with friends and family. I am not held down by a location, my soul may take me wherever it desires. I am a Wanderer.....
The tide pools in the Laguna beach are one of my favorite places on Earth. I first learned of tide pools from my favorite author, John Steinbeck in Cannery Row. I could walk around for hours looking for peaceful little pools with starfish and crabs.
1.23.17 ... clouds meet ocean meet land... Another rainy day! At least my view for today was nice! #365daysofmarklawson #thatsocallife #marklawsonatwork
And I wondered then, if T knew I was looking for her. I was searching for her somewhere in the clouds, amongst the flying birds, and in the rays of the descending sun. But I realized then she had been there all along. The sky spelled her name and shined her spirit down like a beacon of light and love she always was. She was there...looking back at me. 🌅 💗 #missyouT #bff
What a gift to be able to witness and marvel at the wonders of our world 🌎😍🌅
We did our own kind of protesting today. Baby Georgia is now 10.

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