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Little Skips!

“Through The Storm” is a song dedicated to my mother. She goes through a lot, yet she still has always been there for me. I am trying now, to be that rock for her when she needs someone to lean on. Like she has always been for me.
#aintallsunshine #itsmelrosa #MelRosa #forMariaRosa
Y'all have no idea how scary yet AMAZING this was for me. It felt so good to share "Anderson" with everyone.
More to come.
We are looking for experienced and talented kitchen staff to join our family! If you think you got the goods please send a resume and or drop in to introduce yourself. We are excited to meet you! -❤️Little Skips
How you think you look while you read your poetry vs. how you actually look.

First time reading at Little Skips and it was the nicest crowd on Earth probably. Hope to be back soon.
Warm cup of coffee in my belly. Although I didn't finish because I was busy doing work. 😋 (Feeling productive!) I love coffee shop vibes!

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