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Advanced Chiropractic and Rehabilitation

User Image meggyd613 Posted: Mar 18, 2017 1:14 PM (UTC)
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So I've finally found the culprit to my chronic hip pain I've been having for the last 8 months or so. I freaking have scoliosis at 28 😧😧 it took me going to an orthopedic (which yielded a PT referral, that I did not take bc I had a feeling that was NOT sufficient/getting to the bottom of the issue) then to a chiropractor who has never treated me. Within 5 minutes of our consult, just by palpating my back, he was shocked that I had ZERO idea or prior diagnosis. The only persistent pain I've had has been my hips and given I've had no actual injury to either, I was going in circles trying to find a reason for such issues at my age. A lot of smaller physical things make sense to me now that I know this is what's going on. I'm horrified yet relieved that I finally know what the issue is and that I can coordinate my care appropriately now. I guess I'll be saying goodbye to back squats again for a while, but I can careless, this shit is not cool and I am going to do everything I can to correct this as well as possible 🙏🏼 huge thank you to Dr. Wilner at advanced chiropractic and rehab, awesome staff and just a genuinely nice guy! #listentoyourbody #beyourownadvocate #secondopinion
Who says you need the gym for a killer workout? Power plate pushups and resistance bands presses on my lunch break. Time under tension is key to this workout. How deep is your commitment? #commitment #strength #conditioning #fitfam #muscleelements #training #noexcuses #leadbyexample

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