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Centennial Middle School

cms_beat 173w ago
Password: *********
Facebook: Your bitch cx
Twitter: Love_You_More_Hoe
cms_beat 173w ago
TOP STORY: "It" has tooken down the page! Insagram Killer...dead? Looking into this, find out the email and crack the case, INSTAGRAM KILLER! Will be reveled as soon as possible 😱TURN IT LATTER📡📻
cms_beat 173w ago
...TOP STORY who is this person? Age? Do they go to CMS? Is it really a girl? What are "it's" top lies? Tune in for more on this Insatgram Killer 📻📡 @seceret_boss 11:00
cms_beat 173w ago
@nakedskittles0_0 Is being pushed!? Ohhhh 😊 good story! Who is this Rude person...or PEOPLE! I will be looking into this story at 2:00Am look back at this post for a update
cms_beat 174w ago
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