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Bridgerland Technical College

User Image havertzm Posted: Feb 16, 2018 11:17 PM (UTC)
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Since moving up to Logan, I've shot and edited a video about the former president of the Logan Islamic Center, three videos about computer science and kids, and two videos on nursing, but I think these butchery videos have been my favorite.
User Image aspensuz Posted: Jan 31, 2018 11:53 PM (UTC)
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Today i finished school. The last day is always bittersweet. I'm so grateful for all my friends, family and especially my wonderful husband who has done everything possible to support me.
User Image sharce_nutt Posted: Jan 26, 2018 8:47 PM (UTC)
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Robotics is such a fun experience. Kotah's (team) and his buddy Colby's team were the 2 teams from their school to compete today at the Bridgerland Technical College in Logan. We could only stay for half the heats. (4 of the 8) He sure has a wide range of interests. Love you 💙💚Kotah! 💕 #robotics #Roy59 #sagelax #kotah
Paityn and I are attending a Robotics competition today. Kinda fun to watch her do something different. #dahlkekids #robotics #proudmommamoment #doingherthang
This baby tiger is my favorite. Sweetest and softest thing ever. I already named her Tigre. #snakesofinstagram #petsdonthavetobefurry #mustache #shewillonlygrowtobe15feetlong
Hanging out with half of my health coaches tonight. (missed you kat 😘)Learning about emotional eating and how I’M in control! I’d love to share what I learned. “Don’t give up what you want most for what you want in the moment” 👊🏼 #weightloss #fuelyourbody #feedyourmind @healthyjonny @kattails
User Image wallentine_15 Posted: Jan 11, 2018 2:47 AM (UTC)
1 Clarendon
You can't see it but under the hood there's a big ol grin 🇺🇸
User Image doug_freeze Posted: Jan 9, 2018 2:09 AM (UTC)
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I'm so proud of my graduate. The newest firefighter graduates.
Proud aunt moment! LPN graduation for this niece of mine— 20 years between our graduations from the Bridgerland LPN program. I was doing clinical shifts when Morgan was born. I’m sure your thinking “how can she be that old” 😳haha. Time flies- welcome to the wonderful world of being a nurse @morgan.thomas1 ❤️❤️

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