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Ondine Residence Hall Dormitories; Portland State University

Me: “I need to actively make an effort to talk to people and push myself 10000 miles out of my comfort zone if I want to make friends!” Me, after returning to the floor after late class to an area full of people and immediately goes into an overwhelmed panic attack: “Or I could...not, I guess?”
On a more positive note than my overwhelming anxiety and debilitating loneliness, here’s a couple tumblr posts that make me laugh 👌👌👌
(Warning: Ranty?) (Sorry, I had to get this off my chest) tbh I really want to make friends here at college but my overwhelming anxiety and crippling fear of saying something wrong or coming off as creepy has shot through the goddamn roof after the first week when a massive misunderstanding led to me being accused of stalking someone(it was a stupidly complicated situation that can’t be explained in a few words, but the basics is that I was not stalking anyone nor was I going after them romantically, I literally just wanted a friend who’d hang out with me and they misunderstood and overreacted) and being threatened. So now I’m even MORE afraid of trying to make friends than before and there are so many rad people here who probably think I’m antisocial or have no interest in being friends with anyone but no please talk to me because I physically can’t talk to people that I’m not relatively convinced are interested in being friends. I also honestly have no idea who just wants a study buddy and who wants to be friends and it’s so damn frustrating. I came here for a fresh start and got burned real bad in the FIRST WEEK for wanting a friend. I wish I could convey this to people irl without having to bluntly ask “Hey do you want to be friends or do you just want someone to help with homework?” because I’m 90% certain that that is creepy so I’m kinda stuck. I swear I’m a nice and sorta cool person if I’m given a chance. #personal
Meet our new 🎃 friend from Mustard Seed Farm in St. Paul, Oregon. .
Can you guess how much it weighs? #PSUEats
It was such a pleasant surprise!! Thanks everyone for all the birthday wishes. Finally I turned 21st in US❤️❤️
#1004 #birthday
has Liam hit his breaking point in the second week of college!? tune in next time to find out!!
Today, we grill! Join us at lunch for the Welcome Back BBQ featuring barbeque ribs, baked beans, s'mores, corn hole and more! #PSUEats
Living in a house is fun and all, but nothing will compare to living with this girl. Really miss coming home to @neltune rocking tunes, dance parties, and chicken pasta.
Keep doin you, Ma 😘

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