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Happy Birthday to Monster Magnet "The Duke", released on this day 3 years ago! Wow! One of Diabolik's proudest achievements, The Duke not only featured one of Sir Ian Mackay's subtlest and most heartfelt performances, it also introduced us to the incredible Kat David, and marked our second collaboration with brilliant illustrator Nick Gucker! Nothing makes me happier than knowing that all three of these talented artists are working with us again to bring the world of Professor Dario Bava to glorious life! #diabolikfilms #professordariobava
Phew, we're getting there! Just exploding some cars tonight, those bloomin demons! #GreenScreenMagic 👌🎬 #AngelsFallenMovie
Adam and Scott doing some last minute tweaks before the big overcranked hero shot.
Directing is the delicate and subtle art of watching a TV and then yelling out things that you think should be different.
The director diligently working. Definitely not checking Twitter. Definitely not.

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