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The Silly Goose

Jonahh😂💞 QOTD: Favorite Color?
A: Purple💜••••••••••••••••••••••••••••#jonahmarais #danielseavey #jackavery #corbynbesson #zachherron #whydontwe #limelight
Celebrating you these last few weeks has been a joy! Now, even more reason to celebrate your beautiful self!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LC!!! You are a rare friendship and I am lucky to call you my best friend! This next year is going to be your best yet!! Can't wait to go through this next stage of life with you!! Keep these memories a comin!!!! #animallover #leoandlilly #goat #outback
a very special #throwbackthursday to honor this little nugget starting school for the first time this week! I can't believe how much you've grown since this photo and with all the miles between us now, it's a bummer that I have to miss out on seeing you grow up in person...but im so thankful to social media for being the thing that gives me a small window into your life from so far away through your parents. I love you, Mason. #tbt #2013 #godson

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