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HagaZiekenhuis, Locatie Leyweg

User Image bunneya Posted: May 3, 2017 11:18 PM (UTC)
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User Image degeboortereis Posted: May 1, 2017 9:41 AM (UTC)
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COFFEE || Black Magic Power! Look at this tired Doula coming to drink from the source.... I use this black power with prudence and only drink one cup a day on regular days. That is why it is my secret power and support during the many hours and sometimes days that I support a birth. Coffee and the benefits of a Yogic discipline (sadhana) because that keeps my energy flowing and mind more clear and neutral. Sadhana helps me also to rest when I am not sleeping. Like taking a mental nap. Every birth is different, for a mama, a couple, the baby and for a doula. For me this birth was about Love, Laughter, Sharing, Trust, Relaxation, Meditation, Coffee, Courage and Simran (prayer). (Btw Haga hospital has an amazing coffee bar and they even served soy milk!) #doula #doulalife #odetocoffee #coffee #birth #bevallen #haga #hagaziekenhuis #vbac #vbacmama #kundaliniyoga #simran #prayer #mothercourage #denhaag #veganmilk

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