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My brother Mark and I enjoyed childhood friend John Ruoff's play "The Sunflower Sisters" at the Eclectic Theater on Capitol Hill tonight. #LiveTheater #TheSunflowerSisters #BFF #Drama #EclecticTheater #JohnRuoff #Playwrite
I'm at #eclectictheater for the penultimate performances of The Sunflower Sisters! Tomorrow at 2pm and then next Friday-Saturday at 8pm and Closing at 2pm on next Sunday. If you are a SAG-AFTRA or AEA Member, you and a guest can attend for free! #sagaftra #sagaftramember
30-second cartoon person I sketched with my finger on some phone app while waiting for the show my wife is stage managing to get out
Hello Theatre and Film friends and colleagues! Yesterday I turned in Eclectic Theaters' "Notice to Vacate" our current venue. Our lease is coming to an end October 31 and after eleven years, we will not be renewing. This was not an easy decision to make. Eclectic Theater as well as the legacy Odd Duck Studio, has become a well used venue since it opened during the first Seattle Fringe Festival. Eclectic Theater began managing the venue in 2006 and in the following years have produced and coproduced so many local plays, Improv, Sketch Comedy and Variety, and Stand-up Comedy. And we have hosted so many rental shows including the current incarnation of the Seattle Fringe Festival. Reggie Watts opened for Blood Squad one year. Lauren Weedman rehearsed a solo show and was interviewed by Nancy Guppy. I had the opportunity to play Hamlet, and the Scottish King, as well as supporting roles in various shows. David Natale originally performed The Westerbork Serenade. Harold Kondabolu has performed many New Material Night shows for a few of his comedy albums. Megan Griffiths' film Lucky Them, rented the venue for production office and background holding. So many short films and music videos, and TV pilots shot on location. And we have premiered a lot of original works by local (Leonard Goodisman, John Ruoff, Jorj Savage, Chris Mathews). We have hosted an uncanny amount of play and screenplay readings. We have hosted so many SAG-AFTRA events and workshops. And we have been the site for many Equity Members' Projects. We just opened John Ruoff's World Premier of The Sunflower Sisters, playing Fri-Sat at 8pm and Sundays at 2pm thru October 1. We have the final two episodes of Not Too Late with El Sanchez on Sep 16 and October 21 at 10:30pm. And we will have Rock Bottom Improv on October 21 at 8pm. Now it is time for Eclectic Theater to close this chapter, so that we can embark on our next chapter of raising funds for The Shadow Box, in the Fall of 2018. I want to thank all of you that have played a part as a volunteer, as a theater artist, as a film artist in making the last eleven years a historic and memorable time. #eclectictheater
Just filmed some scenes for a feature length at The Ecclectic Theater!!! Can't wait to see the release!
#film #seattle #keepfilminseattle #movie #featurelength #acting
Hi there,
Many of you have heard me talk about SAG-AFTRA Elections. Some of you voted to reelect me. Thank you for that. Did you know that I do not get compensated for being your elected representative? It is true. None of the Local Boards, National Board, President, and Secretary-Treasurer are compensated for the thousands of hours that we volunteer on behalf of our fellow performers. The only time I get paid is when I am hired to act. Why do I do it? Because I care about my union. We all do. Some of you might have received an email or heard negative talking points from other SAG-AFTRA Members that are running for office. It is important for you to know what is real and what is not real. I can tell you that since beginning my volunteer board service near twelve years ago, that I have had the honor of working with fellow SAG-AFTRA Members who care about their fellow members and their union. These include the candidates that are part of the Unite For Strength team in LA, and the USANLeadership team in NY. This also includes Gabrielle Carteris for National President and Jason George for Secretary-Treasurer. Please mail in your ballots tomorrow. Let's get out the vote! #sagaftra #uniteforstrength #usanleadership
Tonight, don't miss the second to last @nottoolatewithelsanchez ever! This show has been a tremendous amount of fun over the last couple years and we're nearing the end of our run. Come to Eclectic tonight at 10PM and help us send this show off in style 😎

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