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KAWS, Futura, Haze, Jose Parla for @jbs8five2 . Place is an institution for real.
It's been too long. Time to take the kids to the skatepark. As @grossosucks "as seen in Forbes" says, terrorism starts at home.
이 아름다움 스니커즈는 홍콩 스케이트보드 샵 #8five2shop 과Vans Syndicate 라인의 컬라보레이션 제품으로 이제 곧 홍콩 한정으로 발매 될 예정이라 합니다. 갖고 싶네요!! #vanskorea #hktrip
Me and #8FIVE2skateshop boss @jbs8five2 😻 of course he is a legendary skater, and also a movie actor!!! The newest movie which he appears is #coldwar. That movie is five star rated in some movie magazines🌟I forgot to ask him about the title though, he has ever appeared in the other movie with Keanu Reeves! So he is the king of swag in 852!!👍👍👍
Cheers! Thanks for having some time meeting us!✌️see u soon for sop kambing and sate ayam! @jbs8five2

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