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Went shooting for the first time. It was very fun, and very American😋🔫🇺🇸 #studybreak
Every time I take my @springfieldarmoryinc #MP9 to #pewpew I fall in love all over again. Weight/balance, trigger, laser, the slide and mags are so goldilocks--not too tight/loose. The groups I make pretty effortlessly on a target gives me a confidence boost. Now that it is winter, I'd like to take advantage of that to carry this heavier, wider, higher capacity yet compact piece on body. But yesterday I slipped it into my one carry-designed bag since I was sans-small children. Not my favorite way to carry (keeping it on my shoulder while hefting an entire toilet into the back of the rig was doable, but annoying), but it fit my IDGAF hillbilly-lumberjack look and effort level. This is what a bathroom renovation project at Christmas time has reduced me to 🤪 In fact, after I unloaded my first two mags old dude next to me leaned over and gave me a "remind me not to piss you off". Not sure if it was my groups or overall surly look 😂

#stylemeconcealed #stylemetactical #concealedcarry #ccw #practicalcarry #2a #lumbersexual #ammosexual #rangetime
User Image kiaamiller Posted: Dec 2, 2017 4:27 AM (UTC)
0 Clarendon
No fatalities, thankfully 🙌🏼
Display gun optics for our Sig Store are here! Great way to see optics actually mounted up. Come check it out! #sig #tango4 #whiskey3 #whiskey5 #sigelitedealers #sigstore #optics #gunsdaily #opticsmakeguns
This town trip was to the chiro and car dealership, only #pewpew makes it less of the dictionary definition of basic mom day. The @stickyholsters makes carrying under this fairly thin, short floaty hem top work. I don't think it would work if it wasn't black. But it is. So simple carry for the win!
#ccw #concealedcarry #ccwstyle #stylemetactical #stylemeconcealed #2a #rangeday #basic #momstyle #bearandherhoney
User Image josh__fast Posted: Nov 27, 2017 7:34 AM (UTC)
7 Normal
No better way to spend a birthday than at a match.
Norma Ammunition Tac-223. 800rds for only $249. $0.30/rd for some great 55gr ammo! #blackfriday #buylocal

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