Should I Get a Paralegal Certificate?

If are interested in law and you want to start working on the same cases or in a court, keep in mind that competing in a law school can be quite challenging and it might require years of studying. On the other side, you can assist lawyers and judges as a paralegal. You can also get a job in a law agency. It is common that people who finished law school are working as paralegals until they get their law degree. When it comes to responsibilities, you will be working on various tasks.

In most cases, these tasks are related to communication with clients, collecting various documents, dealing with some investigations, rewriting testimonies, talking to witnesses, and more. The rules for this position are different from state to state. There are places where you don’t need a degree for it, r any education, but a lot of them require a certificate. If you are interested in getting a certificate in this area, check out Here are some important things to know about this position and its requirements.

Main Features


The simple explanation is that it represents a paper that you will get after completing a course where you will learn more about this field. In most cases, you will also need a degree, but it does not have to be related to law. It is important to know that getting this paper is not crucial for starting as a paralegal, but it can make things much easier. For example, you will have a better chance to get a job or reach much better terms.

How To Get One?

It depends on the area where you are studying or the type of degree you have. It is a very popular option for students to start with the process during college. The perfect scenario would be if you start it in your second year of studying since the average time needed to complete it is two years. That is especially beneficial if you are finishing law school because it will help you learn more about the different situations and help you gain more experience in law.

On the other side, it can be more challenging to complete the course while having to deal with various subjects at the same time. Therefore, dealing with this after completing the degree will make it easier. You can get a license in a couple of months. There are some other alternatives available as well. However, be sure to always check the credentials and be sure to get a license at the place where you can acquire the right knowledge.

It is Not The Same As Certified Paralegal


Earning a license that we mentioned here is the first step. However, the second step is even more important. You can get it only from official institutions and the average duration of one document is five years. That means that you will have to complete the test again after that time. The great thing is that there are many solutions if you want to complete this step.

For example, you can choose the federation of paralegals. The requirements are to complete the exam related to law and show that you have the right knowledge. There are also national associations, legal support professionals, alliances, and legal administrators.

Moreover, keep in mind that this is not the same as specialization in law science. If you finished law school, and now want to become a lawyer, this is a good way to get some experience, but you will need something else for more advanced knowledge.

Area of Work

While it is common for people with this paper to work in the court or with layers, you can get a job in some other areas as well, like litigation, corporate, government, immigration, and intellectual property. The benefits of getting the document are even bigger in these sectors. Also, we have to mention that you can expect a decent salary. In most cases, it will be at least $7k per month. There is a chance of reaching higher positions as well, which will lead your annual salary to six figures.

Is it a Good Choice?


The fact is that you don’t need this paper as essential to start working on this position. However, it will make some things much easier for you if you complete the course. For example, if you wanted to work in this area, but you don’t have the right education since you have a degree in some other sector, this is the best way to redirect your career.

When it comes to complexity and duration, it depends on how much knowledge you have in this area, and which degree you obtained. It will be more demanding for people who don’t have any experience in law, but it is still a much easier option than starting with a law school.

You can start with the practice even if you don’t have this paper, but it can be very difficult to deal with challenging duties and terminology used in this area. Therefore, the core feature is that it will introduce you to the law system and make it much easier to work in the desired position.

Last Words

Changing the course of your career can be very difficult if you are planning to switch from some area that has no links with the law. In that case, this is the best alternative to law school since you don’t have to attend college for it. A degree in at least some area is still a requirement in many states, however.

It can be an interesting option for a side job at some court. If you love this area, it can be a great way to assist judges and attorneys while working on various cases. On the other hand, you can make a career with it since advanced paralegals can earn more than $100 per year. This is the best way to get introduced in the law sector.