5 Best Indoor Soccer Shoes in 2024

Futsal is a type of association football (better known as soccer in America), which is played indoors. Unlike soccer, this sport is played on a hard surface. This means that instead of boots great for grass, you need those that are designed for highly-polished hardwood surfaces. Because of this, the most important thing about the best indoor soccer shoes is the level of traction they provide.

Apart from a superb grip, the best indoor soccer shoes also need to be comfortable and breathable. After all, you need to wear them at least 40 minutes, which is how long a futsal game lasts. Another thing to pay attention to when looking for a new pair of indoor soccer boots is how tough there are. The shoes need to provide amazing protection for your toes and foot top, as you’ll be hitting the ball hard.

Finally, there’s also the financial aspect that you need to take into consideration. The best indoor soccer shoes need to be affordable! The problem is that it’s not easy to find a pair of boots that fit the description, especially if you’re not an expert on the subject. We, on the other hand, have plenty of experience in this matter, which is why we were able to select 5 best indoor soccer shoes!

1.    Adidas Men’s Predator 19.3 Indoor

Adidas Men's Predator 19.3 Indoor

Adidas Men’s Predator 19.3 Indoor

The mere fact that the shoes are made by Adidas is a sort of guarantee of their quality. You can be sure that these shoes are going to serve you well for a long time. They’re also very comfortable to wear. That’s all because of the material, which makes it very lightweight. The shoes also feature a rubber sole, which will ensure stability on slippery surfaces such as indoor soccer court.

  • Very durable
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Rubber outsole provides a lot of traction
  • Air ventilation is not the best

If you want to improve your game, buying these shoes will surely help. They’re very pleasant to wear, while also providing an amazing grip on the hard surface. The final reason why you should get them is that these indoor soccer shoes are made by Adidas, which means they’re going to last for a long time.

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2.    Adidas Samba Classic Leather Soccer Shoe

Adidas Samba Classic Leather Soccer Shoe

Adidas Samba Classic Leather Soccer Shoe

Here’s another pair of Adidas shoes, proving that this brand is a real leader when it comes to indoor soccer shoes.  This particular model is great for a number of reasons, starting with the cushioning. If you like hitting the ball hard, you might injure your toes if the shoes don’t provide enough cushioning. Injuries are not going to be your worry if you buy these shoes, because the vamp is made of the New Tiempo Adaptive kangaroo leather.

Nike used the Lunarlon cushioning system for these shoes, which is basically a foam core that provides support for your heel and sole. When it comes to the grip, you can be sure you won’t slip by accident if you have these shoes on your feet. It’s because of the rubber sole that provides a superb grip.

  • Superb cushioning
  • New Tiempo Adaptive kangaroo leather vamp protects the top of your foot
  • Lunarlon cushioning system provides support for your heel
  • Rubber outsole
  • The shoes cost a bit more than the rest on our list

Everything about these shoes seems perfect. They’re comfy to wear, while also providing a lot of protection for your whole foot. They’re also very stable, making them ideal for indoor soccer.

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3.    Diadora Men’s Capitano ID Indoor Soccer Shoes

Diadora Men's Capitano ID Indoor Soccer Shoes

Diadora Men’s Capitano ID Indoor Soccer Shoes

Same as Nike, Adidas, Diadora is a very reliable brand of sports footwear. All of their products are known for durability, so you won’t make a bad choice whichever pair of Adidas shoes you buy. Still, if you want the best shoes in terms of cushioning, our advice is to buy Adidas Men’s Ace Tango!

The breathable mesh upper will make your feet feel extremely comfortable. The material is also the reason why the boots are lightweight, which doesn’t mean they don’t provide enough protection. On the contrary, these shoes will keep your feet safe.

  • Superb cushioning
  • Comfortable due to the breathable mesh
  • Provide a lot of support for the feet
  • We can’t find anything bad about this product

In terms of performances, these shoes are an ideal choice for indoor soccer. We believe that they have all the features needed for shoes to be called best. We also like their elegant design, although tastes are different. If white is not your favorite shoe color, perhaps the next item on our list is a better choice.

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4.    Nike Youth Soccer Vapor XII Academy Neymar Jr. Indoor Shoes

Nike Youth Soccer Vapor XII Academy Neymar Jr. Indoor Shoes

Nike Youth Soccer Vapor XII Academy Neymar Jr. Indoor Shoes

First of all, this shoe looks rather mighty, with its white outsole, black upper and stylized Nike logo on the top. But, it’s not just about the looks; this shoe really is mighty! It has a glove-like fit, meaning that you will be able to kick the ball with superb precision. The low-profile fit also means responsive cushioning and lightweight. Finally, the shoe also has a rubber sole that provides an amazing grip.

  • Nice design, with reflective details (such as Nike logo) that stand out in dark
  • Very breathable and lightweight as it’s made of mesh
  • Glove-like fit ensures a better feel
  • Rubber sole provides good traction
  • None

You can try to find a flaw in this shoe, but you’re not going to succeed. Instead, you’ll only fall in love with what’s one of the best indoor soccer shoes in the world!

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5.    Adidas Men’s Copa 19.4 Turf Soccer Shoe

Adidas Men's Copa 19.4 Turf Soccer Shoe

Adidas Men’s Copa 19.4 Turf Soccer Shoe

This shoe is ideal for those prone to foot injuries. If you hit the ball hard while playing futsal, you might end up with sore toes after each game. That’s not going to be the case if you buy a pair of Adidas COPA TANGO 17.1 indoor shoes! This is because of the full-grain leather upper that keeps your foot protected.

  • Provides amazing protection for the foot
  • Lightweight
  • Rubber outsole ensures a superb grip
  • Made of leather, the shoes aren’t the best when it comes to breathability

If the safety if your number one concern, you should look no further than these shoes. They will keep you injury-free!

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With a pair of proper boots, you can improve your indoor soccer skills. You will be able to move around quicker and hit the ball harder. Not to mention that you will also feel very comfortable while wearing them. The best thing is that you don’t need to spend too much money to get yourself a new pair of boots. So, there’s really no reason not to buy the best indoor soccer shoes straight away!