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  •   simply_her_self Nothing is wrong with being able to take care of yourself but that shouldn't have u thinking u don't need a man. We need our men, how else can we multiply and build the leaders if the future. Our men are necessary and so are we to them. @adj_ox 1min

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kezgone 😦😦 the thing I hate about how they portray the mother land is dirty nasty and most of all nothing but a diseased continent but yet they still profit off the mother land kill innocent africans , the main target for vaccinations oil gold the list goes on shits crazy man .... #DarrenWilson #iggy #EricGarner #NoChill #FollowMe #Brh #puppet #amerikkka #youngthug #Ferguson #Hoesbelike #WePost #martinbaker #illuminati #TagsForLikes #Bet #BlackHistory #TheStruggle #Tweegram #NickiMinaj #Alkebulan #killuminati #Beyonce #Truthseekers #africa #Zionist #NiggasBeLike #BlackJesus #thotsbelike #repostwizapp 44min

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politrickkks_usa ️PROTECT THE PROFIT
How come ISIS never attack ISRAEL️ ISIS Terrorist group is The funded & Controlled by The CIA & The Israeli Mossad
#isis #thecia #zionism #zionist #zionistbankers #war #ww3 #warmongers #warcrimes #illuminati #israel #mossad #terroristgroup #terrorist #propaganda #politicsasusual #lied2bad #darawjournalist #revolution #evolution

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hasbarayork Pic of members at the table yesterday. Today we are in VARI HALL! Come say hi and grab a cup of SodaStream!! 2h

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bekaind All this(Iran Wants War) is built on complete fantasy. The Iranians are far removed from being a primitive, self-destructive people. They are very conscious of being the heirs of a glorious civilization, at least as ancient and as rich as the Jewish past. The idea of exchanging queens –we destroy you, you destroy us –is ridiculous, especially since chess is a Persian game. (the very word “Chess” is believed to derive from the Persian Shah, king.) Actually, the Iranian leaders are a very cautious, thoughtful lot. They have never attacked their neighbors. The terrible, eight-year long war with Iraq was started by the reckless Saddam Hussein.

The impetus for building the bomb came when the power-drunk neo-conservatives in Washington, most of them Zionist Jews, spoke quite openly about attacking Iran next, right after the short, little war they expected in neighboring Iraq.

It seems that the Iranian leadership has decided that it is now far more important to upgrade the economy than play with the bomb. Being natural traders –bazaar is a Persian world– they may give up the bomb in return for the lifting of sanctions, and use the riches of their country for the good of their citizens, who aspire to become an advanced modern society. That’s why Khamenei and the people elected someone like Rouhani.

This week Israeli TV screened a documentary film about the life of the Israelis in the Shah’s Iran. It was sheer paradise (“paradise” is also a Persian word). The Israelis lived off the fat of the land. They built the Shah’s dreaded secret police (the Savak, not to be confused with Shabak, its Israeli model). They befriended his generals, most of whom were trained in Israel. They built his industries and started to construct his nuclear installations. Sheer nostalgia.

Persian oil was exported to Europe through Israel, by way of a pipeline laid between Eilat and Ashkelon financed by the Shah. The American-Israeli-Iranian deal known as Irangate was concocted in the early days of the Ayatollahs (literally: signs of Allah). Those who want to go back in history will be reminded of the fact that it was the great Persian emperor, Cyrus, who let the Jews return from Babylonian

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rishi_arsh786 Prayer/Salat Is An Egg... by Rumi. On Resurrection Day God will say, “What did you do with
the strength and energy

your food gave you on earth? How did you use your eyes?
What did you make with

your five senses while they were dimming and playing out?
I gave you hands and feet

as tools for preparing the ground for planting. Did you,
in the health I gave,

do the plowing?” You will not be able to stand when you
hear those questions. You

will bend double, and finally acknowledge the glory. God
will say, “Lift

your head and answer the questions.” Your head will rise
a little, then slump

again. “Look at me! Tell what you’ve done.” You try,
but you fall back flat

as a snake. “I want every detail. Say!” Eventually you
will be able to get to

a sitting position. “Be plain and clear. I have given you
such gifts. What did

you do with them?” You turn to the right looking to the
prophets for help, as

though to say, I am stuck in the mud of my life. Help me
out of this! They

will answer, those kings, “The time for helping is past.
The plow stands there in

the field. You should have used it.” Then you turn to
the left, where your family

is, and they will say, “Don’t look at us? This conversation
is between you and your

creator.” Then you pray the prayer that is the essence
of every ritual: God,

I have no hope. I am torn to shreds. You are my first and
last and only refuge.

Don’t do daily prayers/Salat like a bird pecking, moving its head
up and down. Prayer is an egg.

Hatch out the total helplessness inside.

by #Rumi, from The Soul of Rumi, translated by Coleman Barks, 2001

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dianapty YOM KIPPUR WAR 1973 9h

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ilfreedom Why people don't mention the other countries ISIS don't attack? ISIS knows once they enter Israel they will suffer major lost! IDF is well prepared!! 13h

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