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midori_raijin "Neee Kisa~... Would you like to meet again at the coffee shop?" *sassy smile*
Because I have nothing else to post here you have my Yukina genderbend again
#yukinakou #yukina #yukinacosplay #yukinakoucosplay #sekaichiihatsukoicosplay #sekaichiihatsukoi #genderbender #genderbend #Cosplayer #cosplay
  •   phantomhive.fukboi Just a suggestion but maybe you should do Misa from Death Note I think you'd be good at it (*>.<*) 8h
  •   midori_raijin @phantomhive.fukboi That's a good idea but I don't think I will do it even if you're right >~< just because money don't allows it so I just can cosplay the charackters I REALLY REALLY want to 8h

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