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pinkparipari Sam Smith always have the best track!! Falling in love with this song.. #writingonthewall #flipagram #mrwingbadge #spectre #ost 7h
  •   rhasrena Try to give "Make it to me" a listen. Good song too. One of my fave 3h

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contessalouise Remember when you had no fear? When you were invincible and nothing could stop you? Let's find her again. It's time to rediscover you. #WeAllHaveAStory What's yours? 9h

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sonyjanesushma The way back

All of us have this assumption that love is a grand gesture, getting gifts, holding hands, candle lit dinner, kissing in the rain.

But we come to believe that love is promises not kept, trust broken, unwanted arguments, heart breaks, lonely nights.
And we all forget love is a feeling, that takes us back to the memories we are fond of, the rhythm in our heartbeats, our pupils diluting when we see their face, their laughter stuck in our head, their smile we remember when we close our eyes, all these lead us to the beginning of time when sparks were created between souls, the exact moment when love was made.

Every single one of us are waiting for the love, long lost.
Just close your eyes, your memories will lead you back to the one. 
You never lost your love they were a part of you all along.

Sony Jane

Pic credit: @manuvikraman

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