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nationalcancercentresg Dr William Tan, Resident Physician at NCCS, completed this month's Boston Marathon with someone special in mind.

Dr Tan -- who's in his 8th year of survival from Stage 4 Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia -- benefitted from a bone marrow transplant from his sister that saved his life.

However, his sister was unfortunately diagnosed with early stage breast cancer this year. 'Even though I wasn't entirely satisfied with my results this time around, but the race meant a lot to me, as I dedicate this race to my sister.' Hop on over to our Facebook page to read more about Dr Tan's endearing fighting spirit (link in profile). #FacesOfNCCS #🏻

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agcpn Another opportunity knocks for you to be part of Innovative efforts to combat Epidemics like Ebola, Lassa, Zika, etc.
Theme: Clinical Research and Public Health Emergencies in Sub-Saharan Africa
Sub-theme: Role of the Private Sector in Public Health Emergencies
VIEW THIS LINK: http://www.heroesreallife.com/2016/04/sponsored-post-4th-clinical-trial-summit.html.
The Association for Good Clinical Practice in Nigeria (AGCPN)) in collaboration with the Nigerian Clinical Trial Technical Working Group (CT-TWG - which is an organ inaugurated in 2015 by NAFDAC to chart a roadmap for creation of The Clinical Trial Industry in Nigeria), is pleased to invite you to the fourth edition of the Clinical Trial Summit scheduled to take place from June 6 - 8, 2016 at Nicon Luxury Hotel Abuja.
The Clinical Trial Summit is an annual event that seeks to highlight the importance of nurturing a vibrant Clinical Trial Industry, not only in Nigeria, but in the entire sub-Saharan Africa, and a platform to woo Clinical Trial Sponsors, as well as global Sponsors to the need of empowering the region with this industry. The Summit, since its emergence in 2012, has remained the only summit, that brings together Clinical Trial Stakeholders globally with diverse experiences in public health, clinical research, clinical care, epidemiology, administration and management, as well as key players in the pharmaceutical industry devoted to discussing clinical research in relation to contemporary issues in sub-Saharan Africa, with a focus on attracting a significant bite of phases II and III clinical trials. The Summit by providing a platform for sustained advocacy, networking & engagement of relevant stakeholders has the vision to ensure that all Africa remains proactive in proffering solutions to its poverty-related and neglected infectious diseases … a platform to convict that the solution to Africa’s problem lie with Africans and within Africa! #healthwatch
@agcpnbws @ifeomanwigwephd

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nationalcancercentresg Want something healthy & tasty this weekend? Here's a SNAPPER FISH SOUP W/ POTATO & TOMATO recipe for you:

350g of snapper fish
300g of potatoes
200g of tomatoes
4 pieces of ginger
2 stalks of spring onion
1 litre of chicken stock (serves 2)

Wash the fish. Briefly sauté over low flame and set aside.

Peel and dice the potatoes.

Put fish, ginger and potato into a claypot and cook for about half an hour.

Add tomato and spring onions and cook for about 2 minutes.

FUN FACT: Snapper fish is an excellent source of vitamin B6 and B12, which are essential for the body's processing of carbohydrates and production of red blood cells. -----
Find out how you can get a copy of this cookbook on your Facebook page (link in profile). DO YOU HAVE A CANCER-FRIENDLY RECIPE TO SHARE? Share with us in the comments below and we could feature them here for the cancer community!

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alsidra_kwt ‎توفر الأرض ما يكفى لإرضاء حاجة أي إنسان , و لكن ليس طمع أي إنسان ‎مهاتما غاندي — "Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's need, but not every man's greed."
— Mahatma Gandhi


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  •   um_salman365__ @alsidra_kwt ودي قبل لا اجري العمليه اني اروح الاردن عند دكتور متخصص لاطمئن ناس وايد قالولي الاردن بس مادري راح كم يكلفني العلاج يريت احد عنده فكره ويساعدني علشان ادبر اموي وروح هناك وسوي العمليه الي قالي الدكتور ف اليلل ماانام من كثر التفكير 7d
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