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blessedbewicked saying goodbye to this today permanently. I go through it too fast and it's just too unhealthy, I can't do it to my body any longer. #health #enjoyblackcoffee #babysteps #wholefoodiststeps #wholefoodist #healthy #yourbodyisyourtemple #natural 4y
  •   blessedbewicked @chepejose have you found any healthy, natural alternatives that would make it creamy?? I'm guessing I will probably just have to train myself to enjoy black coffee though! haha 4y
  •   chepejose @gypsysilhouette I'm doing blk tea for now 4y
  •   ajd23 @gypsysilhouette I like a good creamy coffee too!, but I stay away from that stuff. I found a great creamer from Whole Foods that you should try its organic and they make a few flavors too. It's almost the same, give it a try maybe! 4y
  •   blessedbewicked @ajd23 thanks! I'll have to pick some up next time I go there! 4y
  •   ajd23 @gypsysilhouette Perfect, Enjoy! Your son is too cute by the way! 4y
  •   blessedbewicked aww thanks you're so sweet! 4y
  •   kienanbs @gypsysilhouette try Stumptown, Kuma or any roaster with a naturally processed coffee. I think you'll find it creamy while black. 4y
  •   blessedbewicked @kbs1486 I'll have to try those! Thank you!! 4y

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