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hiightiide The xpert papers OCB have are legit because they're thinner than the average King but you still get the same size j with less paper to burn. Less paper the better#rollocb #wakenbake #whatweedbesmoking 1mon
  •   colossal.mountain.family These are the only ocbs I can find. I love them! I tried to get my local smoke shop to carry them and other ocb papers and the guy was so rude to me to the point that I found a new place to buy my glass and smoke accessories at. I have no time for that mans rudeness 1mon
  •   hiightiide @colossal.mountain.family whaat, what smoke shop was that :) also, dm me 1mon
  •   lucynreynolds so glad I got to try these from you! they're so amazing 1mon

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