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natashawheatley Happy family from the West Bank Mountains of Luxor. #luxor #westbank #egypt #village #people #love 19min

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Normal Aminah Ali
aminahennamehndi #GeziraHotel by the #Nile in #LuxorEgypt. Warm hospitality on the #WestBank. 1h

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Normal فلسطين في قلبي ⇦
palestine_in_my_heart ~~
سَأبْقَى أنَا إبْنَةِ الكِرَامْ مَهْمَا تَدَاعَتْ عَليّْ هُمُومْ الدُنْيَا ..
فَـ لَسْتُ شَجَرَة جُذُورِهَا ضَعِيفَة بَلْ أنَا تِلْكَ الأنْثَى الَتِي أنْجَبَتْهَا إمْرَآة حُرَة وَ رَجُلْ أصِيل ~ ! .

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Normal فلسطين في قلبي ⇦

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jaiceepayette A little poetry to relax me on such a beautiful day :) #poetry #words #gellatly #westbank #kelowna #beach 2h

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Normal Palestinians Never Give Up

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bekkapate too early to be cold. #westbank #guard #ihavetopee 3h

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laigeoffrey The siege continues, kidnapping, humiliation, violent occupation, torture and murder, the inhuman conditions imposed to Palestinian is nothing but the continuity of a 60 years old oppression.

It is not the Palestinian who wanted Israël to disappear at first, it is Israeli nazi government who's goal is to make Palestine disappear, and each day our indifference feed Palestinian genocide.

Wake Up, Speak Up, Stand Up !

#FreePalestine#PalestinianPride#PrideOfPalestine @prideofpalestine #WakeUp#SpeakUp#StandUp#Gaza#Westbank#Falasteen#Denounce#Israhell#NaziState#TrueTerrorism

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noorapali !!!!!GOODMORNING FROM SYRIA!!!!!!! 20th September 2014
Idlib province,

Good morning from the flowers of Syria.

Continue praying for these innocent flowers of SYRIA who are living under constant threat of death and tortures by their own evil president and his evil allies who wants to cleanse these flowers off from Syria.

Please don't ignore them or forget them. They are suffering so please pray for them.
Reposted from: @waskhan811

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noorapali !!!!!!!!TNT BOMBS OF BASHAAR!!!!!!!!!! 19th September 2014
Ghouta province,

Another innocent orphan wincing in pain after loosing his hand and a leg aftermath the deadly bombing by the evil regime of Bashaar on a masjid in the city of Ghouta today.

Please pray for them, they are suffering so don't ignore or forget them.
Reposted from: @waskhan811

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Normal noor.free.palestine
noorapali !!!!!!!!!!FATHERS OF AL-SHAAM!!!!!!!!!! 19th September 2014
As-suwaydah province,

Tears of the oppressed.

Another helpless destroyed father carrying the martyred body of his son to the burial ground.

Please don't ignore them or forget them, they are suffering so please pray for them.
Reposted from: @waskhan811

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palestine_news_network Friday September 19, 2014 23:45 by IMEMC News & Agencies
Israeli police assaulted, this past Wednesday, 16-year old Shadi Raed Ghurab as he was walking along Nablus Street, in occupied East Jerusalem.
Police severely beat the boy with batons while being detained in the interrogation room, at the Salah Eddin Street police station, according to Jerusalem's Wadi Hilweh Information Center. The Center noted that he suffered fractures in his arm and leg, as seen in the photo.

Shadi explained that an officer detained him on Nablus Street and, then, took him to Salah Eddin Street police station. After the interrogator entered the room, he mocked the child for being a resident of the Al-Thori neighborhood, which resulted in a number of verbal altercations.

Additionally, according to the boy's testimony, the interrogator then transferred him to a different room which did not have any cameras, upon which he was assaulted by not one but three officers.

Shadi explained that he was able to leave the station during the arrest of another young man, and was then transferred to Al-Maqased hospital for treatment.

Such inhumane treatment of Palestinians is a common occurrence, by both Israeli authorities and civilian settlers alike.

See also, from Wadi Hilweh Info Center, "In pictures: The police arrest the 9-year old Qusai Ashoor and detain him for hours" jerusalem | israeli attacks | news report chris at imemc dot org
Related Link(s): http://www.imemc.org/newswire?topic=prisoners

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palestine_news_network A Palestinian youth carries items salvaged from the rubble past
destroyed buildings in part of Gaza City's al-Tufah neighborhood,
on August 6, 2014.(AFP/Mahmud Hams)
GAZA CITY (IRIN) -- On Sept. 16, the United Nations announced a new deal that is supposed to ease restrictions on the Gaza Strip.
In his public statement on the day, Robert Serry, the UN envoy for the Middle East, gave few specific details about the deal but said it would "enable work at the scale required in the Strip, involving the private sector in Gaza and giving a lead role to the Palestinian Authority in the reconstruction effort." Why is the agreement necessary?

Following the 50-day war between Israel and Hamas and other militant groups in Gaza, much of the enclave is in ruins. At least 18,000 homes were destroyed as Israel dropped thousands of bombs on the heavily populated area, while key infrastructure including power plants and water networks were also badly damaged.

Rebuilding efforts are made even more challenging by a pre-existing blockade. Since 2007 Israel and Egypt have limited or banned many basic goods from entering the Strip. Among those that Israel restricts are fertilizers, cement, steel cables and even some fabrics.

Tel Aviv defines such goods as "dual use" -- meaning that while they are needed for the civilian population, they could also potentially be used by militant groups in attacks.

With the catastrophic level of destruction and ongoing humanitarian crisis, rebuilding without easing the blockade is nearly impossible. A key housing group has estimated that without lifting the restrictions on cement and other dual-use goods, restoring Gaza just to the level it was before the war could take 20 years.
As such, the UN, the Israeli government and the Palestinian Authority have reached a deal that seeks to increase access while aiming to assure Israel that none of the goods will fall into the hands of Hamas or other groups that it labels terrorists.

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palestine_news_network GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- Two Palestinians were killed and three were injured on Friday when an unexploded Israeli bomb blew up in the al-Shujaiyya neighborhood of eastern Gaza City.

A Ma'an reporter in Gaza said that a huge explosion was heard in the al-Shujaiyya area and ambulances rushed to the area immediately.

Spokesperson for the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza Ashraf al-Qidra said that two Palestinians were killed in the explosion.

Al-Qidra identified the two as Ayman Ziad Abu Jibba, 23, and Abdullah Jibril Abu Aser, 23, and said that their bodies were taken to al-Shifa hospital in Gaza City.

In mid-August, six people were killed in a similar explosion, and watch groups have warned that the ordnance is a particular threat to children, who often think the bombs are toys.

The Gaza Strip is currently littered with a large number of unexploded Israeli ordnance, a constant reminder of the more than 50-day Israeli offensive that left more than 2,150 dead, 11,200 injured, and more than 110,000 homeless.

Although Gaza police explosives teams have been working across the territory to destroy unexploded ordnance and prevent safety threats to locals, lack of proper equipment due to the seven-year Israeli siege as well as lack of resources more generally have hindered efforts.

Even before the most frequent Israeli assault, unexploded ordnance from the 2008-9 and 2012 offensives was a major threat to Gazans.

A 2012 report published by the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights said that 111 civilians, 64 of whom were children, were casualties to unexploded ordnance between 2009 and 2012, reaching an average of four every month in 2012.
#EndTheBlockade #ICC4ISRAEL #Gaza #WestBank #Apartheid
#israel #freepalestine #EndtheOccupation#stopKillingourchildren #bringbackourboys #palestineunderattack #protest4palestine #gazaHolocaust #genocide #justice4palestine #Aparthied #pray4gaza #gazaresists #palestineresists #stopBurningourchildren #gazaUnderAttack! #istandwithpestine #istandwithgaza
#israelwarcrimes #istandforjustice #gazaVictory!
  •   ghesal May Allah protect Gaza and these young boys may they rest in peace 5h

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palestine_news_network GAZA: Saudi Arabia has pledged $500 million to help rebuild Gaza, Palestinian Prime Minister Rami al-Hamdallah said Thursday, with the full cost of postwar reconstruction expected to be around $4 billion over three years.

Saudi Arabia’s commitment comes ahead of a conference in Cairo on Oct. 12 when Palestinian leaders hope other donors, including Turkey, Qatar, the European Union and United States, will step forward with promises of support. “ Saudi Arabia has initiated donations by pledging $500 million,” Hamdallah told reporters in Gaza, speaking via video conference from the West Bank. He said he hoped further pledges would cover the full cost of reconstruction in time.

An estimated 18,000 homes were destroyed during the seven-week war, while a further 40,000 were extensively damaged.

Major infrastructure such as roads, bridges and water treatment plants were heavily damaged, while Gaza’s only power station will need almost entirely rebuilding. Dozens of factories on the outskirts of residential areas were extensively hit in artillery bombardments.

Hamdallah’s estimate is the latest of several that have put the cost of rebuilding the blockaded territory, home to 1.8 million people, at between $3 billion and $7.8 billion.

With so many homes destroyed, including at least three 14-story tower blocks, economists in Gaza estimate that 10,000 tons of cement a day will be needed over the next six months. That compares with the just 30 tons a week entering the territory before the war.

The ability to press ahead with reconstruction depends not just on raising the money but on Hamas, the Islamist faction that dominates Gaza, allowing the Palestinian Authority to resume civil administration and border controls in the enclave.
  •   makeupmentality I'll believe it when I see it 5h
  •   osamaagha400 Inshallah!!!!!!! 5h
  •   y0y02 They also sponsored the war with Israel 5h
  •   palestine_news_network Forsure. @makeupmentality and i agree @y0y02 its like the saying "they kill the victim and walk in his funeral" 5h
  •   nazia.fali What's the point to donate that much after watching the destruction of their brothers in Islam? Allah is watching everything . 5h
  •   _i_stand_with_palestine_ Sure i heard that in saudi arabia they made iphone 6s with painted gold on them. They r wasting their money on useless things instead of helping others; bu im not talking about all of saudi arabia, im talking some. True @nazia.fali 4h
  •   syed.251 That is barely anything compared to how many people they watched get slaughtered day after day. 3h
  •   eyes_like_winter Oh great, now they can send money, but didn't had the balls (or interest) to get involved during the war 51min

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