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redskinsanalyst Redskins' Gruden: Murphy must 'grow up very fast'

Redskins coach Jay Gruden said that losing outside linebacker Brian Orakpo to a season-ending torn pectoral muscle was “a major blow” and that Trent Murphy, Orakpo’s replacement, will have to “grow up very fast”. Although Gruden conceded that Orakpo, who has half a sack this season, had not lived up to the expectations created by his franchise tag and accompanying $11.45 million salary, he said that he was still a valuable member of the defensive unit. “His production may not be where people think it should be but he’s still been playing very well against the run and has been disruptive in the passing game and that will be a big loss,” said Gruden.

Murphy was the Redskins top draft pick this year, going in the second round. He was supposed to spend this year as a role player and possibly move into as a starter in 2015. Starting Monday against the Cowboys it all changes for the former Stanford defensive end. “Trent’s got to move up, he’s got to step up his game,” said Gruden. “He’s got to play better, he’s got to play more physical at the point of attack. We’re playing against the No. 1 rushing offense in the National Football League. He’s going to have to be very good at the point of attack and then transition into pass rush against some very good tackles. He’s going to have his work cut out for him, he’s going to have to grow up very fast.” The injury to Orakpo is unfortunate but there is some upside to it for the Redskins organization. Orakpo is going to be a free agent at the end of the season. They drafted Murphy with the thought that he might be able to develop into Orakpo’s replacement. Now they will have what amounts to a nine-game tryout to see if Murphy can handle the job or if the will have to look elsewhere to find a replacement for Orakpo, assuming that the decide to let him move on.
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Normal Creativity Takes Courage

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redskinsanalyst Gruden: McCoy will start for Redskins vs. Dallas if RG3 not ready

We don't know if Robert Griffin III will be starting at quarterback for the Redskins against the Cowboys. But we know who will start if Griffin can't play.
Redskins coach Jay Gruden said today that Colt McCoy, who led the Redskins to a win over the Titans after taking over in the second half, will start if Griffin can't. "We'll move forward with Colt," said Gruden.

That means that Kirk Cousins, who started five games after Griffin suffered a dislocated ankle in Week 2, has essentially been benched. He committed 11 turnovers in those five starts, including two in the first half against Tennessee. That prompted Gruden to make the decision to bench him at halftime and move to McCoy in the second half.
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  •   dabeast_cpd I agree with the move i wouldn't play rg3 until fully healthy honestly no need to ruin him anymore let him get healthy and next year we attack think long term not short 45min
  •   chris_ots_ Okay I like it 35min

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  •   vbedwards The only shit is the redskins record lol they are no match for the cowboys at all ! 58min
  •   mamanikki515 @vbedwards look at @superstarheath talking smack but you know she'll be crying when we crush them deadskins lol 10min
  •   joewright123 Heather I got your back! @vbedwards @mamanikki515 we all know the Cowboys are good in Sept, Oct, and even Nov.. But when it's time to play real ball in December.. They just curl up in a ball and cry!! Oh and when the real men come out to play in Jan and Feb.. The Cowgirls are just cuddling with each other around Homo's fireplace #HTTR #SkinsNation 5min

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redskinsanalyst For Redskins to match Peyton Manning numbers, go back to 1989

What Manning has done in 17 seasons, starting his rookie year in 1998, took a collection of Redskins quarterbacks significantly longer to achieve. In fact, to count to 510 touchdown passes in Washington, you must go all the way back to 1989. You know, when the first George Bush was President. What else happened in 1989? The Berlin Wall came down and a gallon of gas cost just $.97.
Below is the long, long list of Redskins QBs it takes to match Manning's career TD numbers:

Kirk Cousins 10
Colt McCoy 1
Total: 11

Robert Griffin III 16
Cousins 4

Total: 31

RG3 20
Cousins 4

Total: 55

Rex Grossman 16
John Beck 2
Brandon Banks 1

Total: 74

Donovan McNabb 14
Grossman 7

Total: 95

Jason Campbell 20
Hunter Smith (fake punt) 1

Total: 116

Campbell 13
Antwaan Randle El 1

Total: 130

Campbell 12
Todd Collins 5
Clinton Portis 1

Total: 148

Mark Brunell 8
Campbell 10
Randle El 1

Total: 167

Brunell 23
Patrick Ramsey 1
Portis 1

Total: 192

Ramsey 10
Brunell 7

Total: 209

Ramsey 14
Tim Hasselbeck 5
Rod Gardner 2

Total: 230

Shane Matthews 11
Ramsey 9
Danny Wuerffel 3
Kevin Lockett 1

Total: 254

Tony Banks 10
Kent Graham 2
Kevin Lockett 1

Total: 267

Brad Johnson 11
Jeff George 7

Total: 285

Brad Johnson 24
Rodney Peete 2

Total: 311

Trent Green 23
Gus Frerotte 1

Total: 335

Frerotte 17
Jeff Hostetler 5

Total: 357

Frerotte 12

Total: 369

Frerotte 13
Heath Shuler 3

Total: 385

Shuler 10
John Friesz 10
Frerotte 5

Total: 410

Mark Rypien 4
Rich Gannon 3
Cary Conklin 4

Total: 421

Rypien 13
Earnest Byner 1
Conklin 1

Total: 436

Rypien 28
Jeff Rutledge 1
Byner 1

Total: 466

Rypien 16
Stan Humphries 3
Rutledge 2
Byner 1

Total: 488

Rypien 22
Doug Williams 1
Humphries 1

Total 512
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plemonsmelanie #redskins won on Sunday. Dad would've loved to see it #washingtonredskins #football #VICTORY 3h

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Unknown Kuartez James
coachkfresh Working with former defensive end of #philadelphiaeagles #washingtonredskins #houstontexans N.D. Kalu 3h

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redskinsanalyst Redskins DE Stephen Bowen pleased with season debut

Veteran defensive end Stephen Bowen experienced two wins on Sunday: the Redskins beat the Titans and he emerged from his season debut feeling encouraged about his surgically repaired right knee. “It felt great, man,” Bowen said after Washington’s 19-17 victory.

Bowen, who missed the first six weeks of the season while on the PUP list, returned to practice last week and was activated Saturday, allowing him to suit up for his first game since undergoing season ending microfracture surgery last December.

The 30-year-old played nine snaps on defense and two on special teams. He recorded one tackle, a fourth quarter stop on Titans running back Bishop Sankey.

Afterward Bowen acknowledged being a bit rusty. But he was otherwise pleased with his performance and, more important, happy with how his knee responded. “You just never know,” he said. “It held up good in practice but it’s a little bit more violent in a real game. I came out feeling good.” Bowen was deployed primarily in short yardage situations, though he said he expects his role to grow in the coming weeks as he gets reacclimated to game speed. “It was hard for me to get in a rhythm,” Bowen said of playing a limited role. “But next week I’ll get some more plays. I knew that coming into this week.”
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