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Aden Valeria Pérez Beltrán
alexisperakis #volleyball 2 omadares 3min

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3min legendsvbc
Normal legendsvbc
legendsvbc I don't know how you cheer for an ace, but this is how we do #ace #bounce #gethappy #volleyball #lovethem #legends #legendsvbc #belegendary 3min

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Normal Carli Lloyd Fans
Normal ❥ My Boys Are My World
robertachastelaine Back in high school I use to play #volleyball old photo. On the bottom right #3 7min

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8min 46geri46
Normal Gergely Nyirádi
10min afingersoll
Valencia AnytimeFitnessIngersoll
afingersoll District Ops Manager Melissa B. strikes a pose with Trainer Wade and Member Jon during a quick break in between volleyball matches! #anytimefitness #afingersoll #volleyball #tournament #scoutscanada #fundraiser #volleyforacause #teamwork #smile 10min

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10min eylulozender
Normal Selenator
eylulozender Son 2 maç! Bekle bizi Tekirdağ #teamFriend #mySister #thisTeamİsMyLife #mybaby #volleyball 10min

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12min volleyblogit
Video Iris Tolenada (youtube Insta)
In this mini-vid I demonstrate platform (under hand) digging, and overhead digging. I will go over mentality of defense in the future!

Digging posture:
1. Feet base should be a little wider than hip width. Not too wide, not too narrow of a base. You always want to be BALANCED and ready to move in any direction.

2. HANDS OUT AND APART. Why have your platform already together when you don't even know where the ball is going? There's nothing more embarrassing than getting hit in the face with a high ball while your hands are down in a platform!

3. TRY TO TAKE THE BALL IN YOUR MIDLINE AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. This goes along with being balanced. The more you can contact the ball in your midline, or somewhere between your knees, the better result you'll have rather than swinging your platform outside of your body.

4. CHEST DOWN/SHOULDERS FORWARD!!! One of the most important things, like ever. Keep that chest facing more towards the ground, or think of those shoulders forwards to make your dig go forward! Every time your chest/shoulders come up, the ball is more likely to go up or backwards, instead of forward. P.s. Keep your back straight.

5. FINISH YOUR DIG TO THE TARGET WITHOUT SWINGING. Always create the best angle you can towards your target, especially when you have to reach outside of your midline! The more your body is positioned away from target, the more you have to create a better angle with your platform. We are not baseball/softball players, so we DO NOT SWING our platforms. Instead, drop your shoulder that's closer to the target, and that will help TILT your platform. Practice it in the mirror!

1. ELBOWS LOCKED BEFORE BALL CONTACT. Meaning straighten your elbows as much as you can before the ball gets to you. Any elbow bend while digging will make your result inconsistent and random. Plus locked elbows gives more surface area when you contact the ball. More surface area=more control=good.

2. THUMBS EVEN. Put your platform together like you're about to pass a ball. Are your thumbs overlapping? If so, try just lining them up evenly next to each other. (Continued in comments)
  •   volleyblogit I find that when my thumbs aren't lined up evenly, it slightly makes my platform uneven, giving me a random result when passing.

    3. PLATFORM OUT AND AWAY FROM BODY. Take a look at how far my platform is away from my body, I contact the ball with my platform around a 45 degree angle or so, away from me. Closer platform to your body won't allow you to see with your peripherals where you're contacting the ball.


    2. BIG AND STRONG HANDS. When there are strong hitters putting heat behind the ball, you don't want a hand injury, so make your hands big (for more surface area) and strong to be able to push the ball to target.

    3. CHIN DOWN. When your chin starts tilting up, it starts to bring the rest of your body's momentum with it too, and the ball will most likely go straight up or backwards, aka away from target.

    4. IT'S NOT A SET. You're allowed to double the first ball, so don't worry about making the ball pretty, just get it to target without lifting it!

    Practice drill:
    Straddle a line and have someone hit low and high balls at you. Do your best to dig the ball and make it land somewhere on the line. To challenge yourself, have them hit a little outside of your range. Remember, CHEST DOWN/SHOULDERS FORWARD. Hope this helps! Thank you guys for being patient and supportive. Please like, follow/subscribe, and leave any questions/comments below. If you volley, I dig it!! #VolleyBlogIT #volley #volleylife #volleytalk #volleyballdrill #digging #dig #libero #defensivespecialist #volleyball 12min

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uncoclubsports Happy Birthday to Women's Volleyball player Ali! #clubsports #volleyball #uncbears #bumpsetspike #hitlikeagirl 13min

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13min afingersoll
Valencia AnytimeFitnessIngersoll
afingersoll Anytime Fitness Team #1 after 5 solid hours of Beach Volleyball in support of the Ingersoll Scouts Canada. A great time was had by all staff and members who attended! A BIG THANKS to the Scouts for inviting us and to the members who took part in our teams! #anytimefitness #afingersoll #fitness #volleyball #tournament #fundraiser #spikesvolleyball #london #scoutscanada #bumpsetspike #workhardplayhard #greatnight #follow ! 13min

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