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vagrantsneaker Never neglecting my signature.

You can go check out a few DSLR #camerasNsneakers shots at my Flickr.com/vagrantsneaker . I'm still posting only iPhone shots here until I finish editing all the photos from the last five days. Until then, I'll post some iPhone sneaker captures.

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vagrantsneaker My friend Flo is flying back to Germany today

For the last 5 days I've tried to capture and present our photowalks via my iPhone camera. I stuck to that so the story would be consistent with the imagery and edits; There will also be DSLR images to post in the coming weeks. For the second time Flo and I set out to explore Urban New York. This time, we took our photograffiti to another level. The places we explored were beautiful and at times dangerous, and nerve wrecking. Let us not forget the freezing temperatures during this time and the day we ventured out during a snow storm on 2.21.15. On top of it all, the homie @dxtrf spiced things up with his willingness to do, and creativity during our last 4 days. Something that made the hikes to the areas we explored that much more satisfying. All in in all, this was an amazing 5 days of exploration with two guys who are just as passionate as I am about photography.

I will be editing all the photos and sharing them in the coming weeks via all my social channels. This includes, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook Fan Page, IG, Flickr, Steller and blogs. #hershcelsupply #citylimitless

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