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speranza6162 Some of the finest trousers of our generation #turnedbackattheborder #sartorialterrorism 3y
  •   skeaties Delightful show of ankle! Oh I bet we all have a few of these type of embarrassing pics deep within the recesses of our homes! It takes a certain, umm, courage (?) to lay them out for public consumption! I think you should get some bonus points for audacity and nerve. Let's refer to our points adjudicator @leonie_h 3y
  •   leonie_h @speranza6162 he receives 17 points. . Adjudicator's decision is final ..... 3y
  •   speranza6162 @leonie_h @skeaties Thank you for the points (though I still think I'd prefer Green Shield stamps). I look forward to similar acts of recklessly embarrassing self-exposure from you... 3y
  •   count_christoph That is a fine pair of half-mast lionels...  3y
  •   speranza6162 @count_christoph Thanks- I still wear 'em :-) 3y
  •   colourpurplegal Tres sexy 3y
  •   chesfox SHANG/-A-LANG !! 3y
  •   speranza6162 @chesfox77 Yep- without me, no Bay City Ro...Ah... oh dear... 3y

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