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  •   jmeelin haha love your hashtag! great photo 3y
  •   nickojohnm Simply beautiful! 3y
  •   lablerineka Participate in the art project called the "Electric tape llnstaloma Trip", which is the exhibition of photos, that are processed through an instagram, an iPhone application. Present your country from a unique perspective! We are not trying to promote the iPhone and its products (apple products have enough publicity), but rather trying to give you an opportunity to show the world around you in a fresh bold and modern form.
    It does not matter where you are, all you have to do is submit your work to the organizers of this project directly by emailing it to: mtozra4ok@gmail.com.
    Please put your nickname and the word "instagram" in the subject of your email.
    The deadline to submit your work is May 6th; don't miss your chance!
    The requirements are as follows:
    1) maximum quality, size and resolution of the photos
    2) nickname has to be specified
    3) there is no limit to the quantity of submissions;
    4) Please put your nickname and the word "instagram" in the subject of your email. In the letter write the name of your country and city.
    The judging criteria for the work selection is based on the way you present your town, your city, the people next to you and the unique events surrounding your life. Surprise us!
    The exhibition will be displayed online at moi-portal.ru as well as at the selected platform in Tyumen that is open to public.
    The project is created in collaboration with MTO "Zrachock" and supported by the informational youth portal "moi-portal.ru" and "Lomography TMN", the official affiliate of " Lomography Embassy in Russia" #digitalfilm 3y
  •   craytx Incredible! 3y
  •   onecoolthingeveryweekend Wow love the color 3y
  •   5teffy Amazing amaing @hallwood 3y
  •   jenniefernandez You have one of the most inspiring streams I've seen on IG 3y
  •   summergeri @hallwood hiii seems like u r the master of the design jejje im triying to obtain an app that you can add your photo in a triangle or circle shape used in retail thanks in advance hi from panama 2y

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