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Normal Fuck
nizaliloha When you're talking to your grandfather in front of the speaker... And gdfr comes on.... I'm trying so hard not to laugh omf 1min

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Normal read ze bio 💭
_.cleanwrists._ do you see that ? that's a CLEAN wrist. that is my wrist.

ever since Zayn has left 1D, Directioners have been getting out of hand by cutting, killing themselves and innocent animals.

you need to realize that Zayn is happy now. he claims that he wants to be a normal guy but he can't do that because of your guys fucking nonsense.

personally, I'm not a fan of 1D but some people are absolutely fucked up because they cut for a boy leaving a boy band.
I didn't cry when MCR broke up and one of them committed suicide. I went trough that for 2 freaking years and it still hurts to look back. you're lucky there is four people and they can still make music.

so here I am not complaining about MCR but you guys have the nerve to cut over a boy. Justin Bieber fandom all over again.

I may come off as rude but it's the truth. going around killing animals because of a BOY. A FUCKING BOY.

I'm not making fun of self-harm but you Directioners should use common sense sometimes because this is just stupid.

In conclusion:


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