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yuppiehippiefarmer Rolex OG @ 47 days flower, been flushing for 10 days now with Mendo Honey Mollases. Grown 100% organic like everything here at YHF using #rootsorganics uprising dry nutes and #detroitnutrientcompany worm castings. This is our first harvest in Mi. And cannot wait to get the responses from patients because we haven't really seen any "stand out" flower yet , everything grown hydro and all taste same to me so patients gonna have some 100% organic , pesticide free meds very soon.:) The Cheese cut I hold I cannot even grow atm because of the smell...lol. I can't even imagine a shop opening a jar all day without carbon scrubbers running, it literally reeks out two blocks when in full flower and will be in production Very soon! Sorry bout the rant so to speak but I been busy in the garden working. One Love to all my fellow growers. Peace. #weednerdnation #tokindaily #lansingsfinest #purecannabis #Pureoptions #mmmp #mmj #williesreserve #genotypeA2 2d

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