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lipstickonurface Think this international high fashion model is sexy? She's 10 years old. Our society is disturbed. #art #thylaneloubryblondeau 1y
  •   katiespencer It's crazy, isn't it? Just unnecessary. There is absolutely no sane reason to display a child in that manner. Not only is it not right for her and other children her age who see this example (which can lead to them wanting to emulate her or them judging her or themselves), but knowing full well how many sick people there are out there, to basically spoon-feed them these images is ridiculous. 1y
  •   princessshenk So wrong on so many levels 1y
  •   alexandrarennee I think she's hot...sue me 1y
  •   loumay007 I'm actually 12.. 8mon

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