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4min sena_l33
Video Sena Lee
sena_l33 기억안나
이런 동영상을 찍어놨다니
덕분에 오늘 하루 전부를
누워있다가 너무 해장하고 싶어서
프레타망제에서 수프하나 샀다

남은 일정에 과음은 빼야지
여행에 집중해!! #thisislondon

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celine.n1 A bit last minute but since I love Summer I thought I would try and participate to the @london_only Summer Joy theme challenge!

To me this photo conveys summer joy because it's a great spot to hang with friends or show people who are visiting - to take some photos, enjoy the views and have cocktails + eat lots of on a sunny day!


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elenapicia Stamattina finalmente è arrivata la pioggia! Mi ha fatto ripensare al clima londinese... Quanto mi piacciono le nuvole!!!! #clouds #London #TowerBridge #River #Thames #ilpontepiubellodelmondo #thisisLondon #IloveLondon #bellissimavacanza #Summer 22min

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