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rondellholmes Samuel L Jackson asks the hard hitting questions during a game of Guess Who. Obviously, not an original of mine, but had to share because it has me laughing every time I see it. #guesswho #boardgame #samuelljackson #whatdoesmarcelluswallacelooklike? #doeshelooklikeabitch? #thenwhyyoutryingtofuckhimlikeone? #pulpfiction #jules #tarantino #meme #flickr #humor #funny #joke #movie #jules #love #hilarious #wishithoughtofthis 4y
  •   innatepatience I SLJ!! Hahaha If you haven't watched a single episode of The Boondocks, his character alone is worth it. Very reminiscent of his character in Pulp Fiction. 4y
  •   rondellholmes @innatepatience He is on Boondocks? I actually don't even have cable because i never watch television but I will have to look this up. 4y
  •   innatepatience Yeah, he and Charlie Murphy are the voices of two white former Soldiers. I'm sure you can look up some clips on YT. Gin Rummy and Ed Wuncler III are the character names. This show is not for the those easily offended PC types, so you should love it! Haha People have been trying to get the show off the air forever because it's so racially charged. It's hilarious. 4y
  •   innatepatience Forgot to add it's politically charged too... 4y
  •   rondellholmes @innatepatience L Jackson and Charlie Murphy together? I'm sold, will look it up :) 4y
  •   d_bizzle LMFAOOOOO 3y
  •   tat2dchrome Fuck yeah hahaha 2mon
  •   rondellholmes @bettertoeatuwith one of my all time favorite memes 2mon

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