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jkfitzpatrickfitness ️If you are waiting for a sign maybe this is it. ️ And before you keep scrolling I'd like you to consider something. This is the future of online business. This is the future of health and fitness. This isn't your Mom and Dad's old network marketing company. Times have changed. This company has changed the game.

Guess who is joining Beachbody coaching in droves because of the sector it's in, and the compensation, both financially, physically, and emotionally? ️ Doctors ️ Realtors
️ Accountants
️ Traditional Business owners ️ Stay-at-home Moms who want to build a serious business from home.
️ Teachers
️ CEO's
️ Nutritionists
️ Dieticians
️ Investment Bankers
️Gym Owners & Trainers

Why? 🤔

Because they want to expand their income and business. Because something is missing in their life. They want fulfillment, they want to help others. They UNDERSTAND the financials rewards that THIS new system is producing.

Beachbody is so different than what people think. Some listen, some don't, we can't control that. 😐

So let's cut to the chase.
We all want to be and do something meaningful. We want to matter. We want to make a difference.

Even better, why not get rewarded and paid for it.
Kim and I feel like we are living a dream.
Our last DEPOSIT for ONE WEEK from our passion Beachbody was MORE than we both take home in TWO WEEKS from our other jobs!
Even crazier...we do it part-time. 😮

We don't say that to brag or with ego but to let you know how serious this business is, and we want to help you with your own!

We found something we love doing, helping others achieve their goals, and are getting recognized for it. We are mentoring others to do the same.

Is it hard work? Yup.

Push you out of your comfort zone? Yup.

Make YOU better? Yup.

Is it one if the BEST things we ever did for our family? You have no idea how good. So come find out. 😀

Send us a message, comment below, or go to my FB link in bio to join. ----- INCOME DISCLAIMER ---- Team Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach's income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill

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mrmattsvinylcollection The cable guys are making me feel uneasy... Hands off my fucking babies!! #RecordCollectorProblems #HandsOffMyBabies #TheCableGuy #PunkRecords #VinylCollection 3d
  •   vinylwolf111 Noooooooooooo 😮 2d
  •   doh1974 I would have emptied the shelves completely. Can't risk some idiot doing damage. 2d
  •   mrmattsvinylcollection Yeah, I had no idea they needed to get back there... I Took a work call in the other room and came back to this. 😬@doh1974 2d
  •   doh1974 Scary 2d

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joebroadwayshylan "Well...tonight...it's my turn." #jimcarrey in #cableguy #circa1999 ish, maybe? ... Somebody #factcheck us on that, please. 🤔 #karaokemondays at @joebroadwayshylan as per our regularly scheduled program.
Come down for some #goodtimes with #greatpeople enjoy some of our amazing #pubfood and #drinkspecials at #jbshylan #statenislandnightlife #sinightlife #siny #statenisland #goingout #mondaynights #mondaynight #karaoke #joebroadways #joebroadwayshylan #thecableguy

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_matt_hammer Adios to the mumbler, Capt Jack Sparrow, the man who inspired so many stories - most of them bad, all of them funny.

The man who drove me nuts, could never find his phone charger, and always had someone to blame. But... he's a Gambler. And a brother. And he'll be missed... ...by The Roxy. Seriously. They're now out a lot of money.
Hurry back @mumblesabroad !
#86Tim #GamblerOut #GetBackHere #WeNeedMoreStories #ItsYourDog #TheCableGuy #TripleCaesar

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scavengerlee On the menu for tonight.
#thecableguy #cableguy #vhs #jimcarrey

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jkfitzpatrickfitness Please help Kim and I congratulate Tanis Dawson
on becoming an Emerald Coach today!

This is a huge step in her wellness business and the crazy part is she only registered to be a Coach 9 days ago!!!!

I knew right away after Tanis made the commitment to helping people reach their health and fitness goals that she was serious about the opportunity and wanted to reach as many people as possible.

She dove into our exclusive training and made becoming an Emerald Coach an immediate goal!
This means even after this short time frame that she has already started building her own team of life-changers and Kim and I are so excited for what the future holds for you.

Awesome job Tanis, please show her some love!

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spookymulder86 #whiterabbit Don't you want somebody to love? came on at the doctors office and I almost lost it thinking of this. #jimcarrey #lol #thecableguy #kareoke #matthewbroderick #comedy #90s #dontyouwantsomebodytolove #amazingfaces 1w

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jkfitzpatrickfitness Whatever part of your life you want to be successful, it's not going to happen by chance, by luck, or because you "deserve" it.
Life doesn't work that way.

Success will happen because you refuse to let your current situation that you want to change be a permanent one.
Your NEED and WANT to change has to be incredibly greater than your desire to stay the same.
And if you want to achieve your goals and live your dreams, because lets face it, most people will view them as unreasonable, than you will need to act and be unreasonable in how you get there. I will need to work harder and do the things that most reasonable people just won't.
Success doesn't just happen. However it can and it does. But it starts with you. No one else.
Now go get it!

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dodgeedoo On June 14, 1996, my favorite movie ever premiered in theaters. Let's get a 20th anniversary screening of #TheCableGuy in #LosAngeles #TheCableGuy20inLA @JuddApatow #jimcarrey #matthewbroderick #lesliemann 1w
  •   petegans "Course I guess the weathers always pleasant in here... the Winters are remarkably mild!" Best scene 1w

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jkfitzpatrickfitness Gary V has no filter. He says what he thinks. He also is insanely passionate about people doing what they love.️ Listen, I'm a fan of practicality. I get it. We all have bills, responsibilities...family to take care of. I don't live with my head in the clouds.

But I also think you should do whatever you can to find something you absolutely love and are passionate about and work towards making that your living. Work towards being in control of your own destiny. That is called FREEDOM.

I've started and owned companies since my mid-twenties...retail, traditional business, and now an at-home online health and wellness business with my amazing wife Kim.

In 15 months I'm the top ranked male coach in the company and #13 out of 460,000 coaches.
I'm not saying this to brag, it's not my style...I'm saying it because I want you to know how dedicated we are to this. How dedicated we are to our team of coaches.

We've figured a few things out and we want to SHARE that with you! ️ We want to help you find your passion. We want you to LOVE what you do. ️ This is by far the most excited I've ever been for an opportunity. It's the lowest risk-highest reward endeavour I've ever done.

Best part? We get to do something that TRULY helps people. If you would like hard working business mentors committed to YOU and are looking to find your passion send us a message.

Tomorrow you could wake up owning your own at-home business that you can run from your phone....and THAT, is pretty freakin' cool!

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