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2y rad1984
Amaro Gregory Scott Simmons II
rad1984 boom bow surprise #rad #theboommaeket 2y
  •   rad1984 @dianaaa_g nah she seems real cool, that's why I reach out. Pretty girls don't talk to me though until they get to know me. They take me for some dude tryin to kick game 2y
  •   dianaaa_g @rad1984 lol u kno it hard out here for us females man lmao... 2y
  •   rad1984 @dianaaa_g it's hard out there for us good men! :P 2y
  •   dianaaa_g @rad1984 u kno what ur absolutely right prob harder lol I kno it sux 2y
  •   rad1984 @dianaaa_g I just want to make friends with folks for now 2y
  •   dianaaa_g @rad1984 I feel you... 2y
  •   rad1984 @dianaaa_g :) much appreciated, D. I know I'm not crazy 2y
  •   dianaaa_g @rad1984 of course no problem...u kno we go way back lol...n noooo ur not crazy...lol 2y

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