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alexney2014 I really miss this show with spectacular spiderman and wolverine and the X-Men but this hit the hardest the avengers assemble cartoon to me Is atrocious and what I liked about this show is that anyone can like it kids, teens, adults, grandparents who read the original comics, and cosplayers and the writing was pure amazing and the animation, down to the voices and music is top notch still a shame it was cancelled but I highly recommend to everyone to watch this show along with spectacular spiderman and wolverine and the X-Men. You may be surprised. #theavengersearthsmightiestheroes #avengersearthsmightiestheroes #avengersemh #taemh #aemh #earthsmightiestheroes #marvel #marvelcomics #marvelgram #marveluniverse #marvelentertainment #marveltv #marvelanimation #disneyxd #christopheryost #joshuafine #cironieli #stanlee #jackkirby 2w
  •   marvel.and.bbc.geek You just expressed everything I felt about the show.It was my final push to the fandom .It was also the reason to wake up early in the weekends .How could the producers cancel such a marvellous show ? 2w
  •   redalert_mtmte I despise Avengers Assemble. They got rid of a lot of my favorite characters from EMH to make it more like the movie. The plots of the episodes are abysmal and unoriginal. There are like 10 episodes about mind control 2w
  •   bud_wolf Everything about this show was perfect expect for the casting of Spider-man. Other than that it was an awesome show. I miss it so much. 2w
  •   alexney2014 @bud_wolf I agree with you on spiderman it was a dumb thing of marvel to redubb josh Keaton with drake bell that's why when post spidey s photos from emh I hash tag josh s name out of respect for him 2w

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