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Normal Vampire Twins
  •   ilenia_mis Mmmmmm his dress it's not very cool.....I don't like it too much!!!!! 4y
  •   ilenia_mis What a shame!!!!! 4y
  •   krisishappy She sucks! #hotmess she's so not worthy of fame and the red carpet. When will she go away?!! 4y
  •   vampiretwins @ilepuffa Lol not the most beatiful dress in the world, but... 4y
  •   vampiretwins @mrskpalmer Do You wanna know one thing? I post pictures of the people I love cause i love then and they are amazing. Boy because i want your stupid comments. If You comment things like that You can go away. SHE IS AMAZING. 4y
  •   vampiretwins *not 4y

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