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  •   rhg94 @jtmoneyy were you @ bonefish too? Because if not, when I was leaving I saw your twin! Lol  3y
  •   brooke_wilke I was there tonight too!! @rhg94 3y
  •   rhg94 @brooke_wilke really?! I guess I missed you!  3y
  •   jtmoneyy @rhg94 yes I was!! I didn't see you though 3y
  •   rhg94 I was literally @ the table right in front of you, but my back was turned to you. I didn't realize it until we were getting up to leave! @jtmoneyy 3y
  •   jtmoneyy @rhg94 really?!?! Well dang 3y
  •   rhg94 Haha I took a double take when we were headed out but then I realized I looked creepy...  lol @jtmoneyy 3y

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