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nylonsg This is a mini jar of la prairie's skin caviar. Which costs $1220 for 100ml. Making this 5ml sample... $61! #thatssomeseriouscream 3y
  •   maytheawesome Im sorry. Im immediately distracted by your sea monster cage. How's it going? @nylonsg 3y
  •   veranf Where'd u get the sea monkeys!! I want some!!!!!!! Hahahax!! 3y
  •   bulletproofx Yes.... Is it possible they are selling them sea monkeys here? Where? 3y
  •   m3rnami I want them too :[ 3y
  •   gadmutiara Omg the sea monkeys! Where can I get them!! 3y
  •   barbsydebs SEAMONKEYSSSSS 3y

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