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letterman93 Farewell + gathering with previous lecturer. Wish u all the best and I promise u I'll be visiting kuching someday! XD
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studykate Update: guys, I think my professor quit and they don't want to tell students. Yesterday evening, I went to an awards ceremony and afterwards, I was talking to my previous accounting professors and I asked if they knew anything about my missing professor. They all looked at me weird and said she had relinquished her duties as a professor. I would have asked the dean of the department about it but he ran off as soon as one of my old professors went to get him.
...but the problem still remains: what are they going to do about our current class? We haven't had instruction since February 5th and our final is on Tuesday it doesn't help that I was supposed to transfer this semester and this class is messing with my grades/GPA. 🙃
I hope you guys are have better weekend than I am!

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  •   studykate @amywpellicer13 thanks for the encouragement! but my school (University of MD) has done this to students before 🙄 I just didn't think it would happen to me 2h
  •   amywpellicer13 @studykate - if this is happening all the time then this is a serious issue. I would still check into their accreditation because if they lose their accreditation due to poor management, not following accreditation guidelines and rules, or fraud then all of the student's degrees from that university are worthless. Good luck on this. Hope it works out OK for you! 2h
  •   nicoleiribarren What school do you go to?? So sorry this is happening !! 1h
  •   anix_carolix_03 Good luck with all your stuff!Hope it gets better! 1h

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microdocs #Repost @geologypage Rainbow Sediment stratum, Oued Metlili Ghardaia, Algeria | #Geology #GeologyPage #Textbook #Sedimentary #Rock #Albian #carbonate #chemistry

The Oued Metlili Ghardaia located in Metlili, Ghardaïa Province, Algeria. One of the finest and most beautiful sedimentary rock outcrops on the planet. Of Albian "Early Cretaceous" age, it is a mixture of a group of brilliant colors that resulted from the mineral oxidation in limestone composed largely of the minerals calcite and aragonite, which are different crystal forms of calcium carbonate (CaCO3). The solubility of limestone in water and weak acid solutions leads to karst landscapes, in which water erodes the limestone over thousands to millions of years.

PhotoCredit : Mustapha Bergheul

Read More: http://www.geologypage.com/2016/04/rainbow-sediment-stratum-oued-metlili.html

Calcium carbonate solubility : http://sciencelearn.org.nz/Contexts/A-Fizzy-Rock/Science-Ideas-and-Concepts/Carbonate-chemistry

Geology Page

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