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arthealstheheart My dad painted this when he was in highschool. I randomly found it today.... Best Day OF my Life
I randomly passed by my grandparents' old house today in route to a party. I have not been to this house since 1996 and wasn't certain this was the house. I decided to knock on the door and say hi.. The homeowners answered and confirmed that they purchased this house from my grandmom in 1996. They then asked me, "Do you know a Kevin who used to paint?" And I said, "my dad." They looked freaked out and stated, "we found his artwork in the attic years ago and never threw it away because we are superstitious and always thought someone would come back for it." They told me to come back in the evening after they had a chance to dig it out of storage. When I went back, they gave me loads of my father's early artwork... as well as boxes of letters that my grandfather wrote my grandmother while he was in General Patton's army in England 1944. Also found his army tags, rosary, and a Nazi flag. I am not even finished going through these boxes. Amazed.
This was just of the pictures my dad painted. I posted this one because just yesterday I was looking at the chemtrail sunset and thinking "fuck..."....
Well l, little did I know that I would find a Hendrix inspired painting by my dad from 1970's.

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